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1xbet vs Betwinner. Which One is Better?

There are so many great options available for Indian customers that it can be hard to choose the right online casino or betting site. This is why we try to compare some of the options from time to time and make your choice easier. 1xBet and Betwinner are competing in the same space but are actually pretty different kinds of websites. 1xbet vs Betwinner. Which one is better? Let us try and figure that out.

1xbet vs Betwinner Which one is better?

We try and look for objective markers that help us decide a winner among two excellent options! Subjective opinions are important but everyone has their own and we are no one to say that ours is better than theirs. Let us take a look at some clear facts:

  • 1xBet has been around for much longer than Betwinner. In terms of longevity, 1xBet is a far older and better-established website than Betwinner. That is not to say that Betwinner is a fly by night operator but 1xBet has been around for longer. It is just a fact.
  • 1xBet has a huge market in Eastern Europe and is expanding its footprint to Western Europe as well. 1xbet started out as a niche website that used to serve primarily Russia and its neighboring countries. It has now, however, become a big name across the entirety of Europe and is sponsoring major football teams. Betwinner has a long way to go before it can be considered at that level.
  • Betwinner has a cleaner and easier to use interface. 1xBet can sometimes become too cluttered and difficult to use. Newcomers to the website can be a bit overwhelmed by all the information and options that 1xBet throws at them. Betwinner is a more modern and better-designed website.

In conclusion, 1xBet seems to have a bit of a lead against Betwinner. Try them both out and make up your minds for yourselves!