22Bet India Review


22Bet India is a name that a lot of people may not be immediately familiar with. This makes them nervous because online casinos and gambling companies can disappear as quickly as they appear! Thankfully, 22Bet does not seem to be one of these.

The team has set up a fantastic sportsbook that can rival the best in the business. The bonuses and promotions being offered are worth a close look. The process of registering and betting on 22Bet is very easy and can even be done anonymously. The paperwork has been kept to a minimum.

The number of methods to deposit and withdraw your money is exhaustive as well.
We would like to see more care being given to the casino as well as the customer service but overall do not have any major complaints.

A lot of players will be tempted to take advantage of generous bonus offers on 22Bet and we have no reason to advise against it.

22BET India Review

22Bet is a relatively new gambling site. It was established in 2017 and has grown rapidly since that time. There is no doubt that 22Bet has ambitions to grow and rival some of the other global behemoths of the industry.

One of the things that 22Bet has focused on and invested in since the beginning is localization. The website is geared towards locals of different countries and hopes to provide them with some unique advantages.

22Bet India, for example, is available in English or Hindi. While English is the common denominator for the people of India, there are still a huge number of people that do not speak English fluently or just prefer using Hindi as their primary language.

Going further along the theme of localization, 22Bet India allows players from India to use the Indian National Rupee (INR) as the currency to bet in if they so choose. This is one of the features that is fast becoming a must-have for gambling companies looking to operate in India.

India is a country where the gambling laws are a bit grey and so players need to jump through multiple hoops before they can start playing. 22Bet India recognizes this and offers a truly vast number of options for depositing and withdrawing money.

The software being used to run 22Bet is going to be immediately familiar to anyone that has used the 1xbet network of sites. The software is very similar to them and even the odds being offered are usually identical. It appears as if the backend operations being managed for 22Bet and 1xbet are identical.

This is not a bad thing at all from the userโ€™s perspective as it ensures that 22Bet is able to provide the same kind of odds as bigger and more established sites.

A bit more on 22Betโ€™s website and software is necessary, though. There are always a few growing pains for gambling websites and 22Bet is no different. The website does not have the same level of polish as its competitors and the apps could do with a lot of work as well.
The speed at which the website and the apps load is generally slower than its major competitors. There is also a lot of swiping required in the app which can be a bit tedious. Once you get used to the cadence of things, the experience becomes better but there is a definite lag that you have to adjust to.

The design of the website is also a bit old-school, although that could be a deliberate choice.

These are minor gripes and 22 Bet India manages to do the big stuff well. There can be no complaints about the number of sports being covered or the options for betting on either of them. Indiaโ€™s favorite sport, cricket, is well represented on the website with all major international matches and most of the major T20 Leagues being covered.

Even the slightly off-beat cricket matches allow the users to choose from a wide number of bets.

22Bet India may think about providing its Indian users some more cricket related bonuses because of the sportโ€™s popularity in the country.

The casino section of 22Bet is a clear afterthought. The basic few games are offered and there are no problems but this is not a site that is concentrating on the casino as its main source of revenue. Live options for Blackjack and Poker are offered while the popular slots find a home here as well.

The bonuses offered at the casino section are pretty good, like at other places, and that is something that could encourage players to give it a shot. We also like that slot machines on 22Bet can be played with virtual money for free, as a sort of practice, before going on to play with the real thing.

Overall, 22Bet offers players some impressive bonuses and an impressive sportsbook if they are willing to put up with some interface issues.

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๐Ÿ’ช 22Bet Trust & Fairness

22Bet India has been around for a relatively short time, something that is definitely to be considered while choosing a sportsbook. Most problems with gambling sites emerge after a year or two into their existence. It is also a smaller gambling website than some of its other global rivals.

So far, however, 22Bet has not shown any signs of being a bad apple.

It is regulated by the Curacao Gambling Licence and is headquartered in Cyprus. This means that website has to adhere to a standard set of practices and use accredited gaming software at its casinos. This should help the customers gain a bit of trust in 22Bet.

There have been no major controversies that 22Bet has suffered since it came into being and that is something to be taken as a positive as well.

There have been a few stray reports regarding some trouble withdrawing money but that could be down to some disgruntled customers or a procedural error. We would advise players to try out 22Bet and take advantage of the bonuses they offer. See how the deposit and withdrawal methods are working for you before betting with large sums of money.

Try out the waters before wading too far in so that you can make an informed decision.

๐Ÿ Sports & Events

22Bet has become quite popular in the short amount of time it has been functioning. This is largely due to the quality of its sportsbook and the large number of bets it offers. There are over 50 sports from around the world covered including the ones most popular in India.
Cricket, Kabaddi, Soccer, Badminton, Tennis, and others are all covered by 22Bet. Major tournaments, matches, or smaller leagues, you should be able to find a bet that you like on 22Bet.

The odds that are offered by 22Bet seem to mirror the 1xBet platform. We usually find the odds to be near-identical but there have been a few differences sometimes. The difference in odds between gambling sites is not too much because they are based on mathematical models.

Players will like the frequent bonuses being offered to customers on 22Bet. As a new website, 22Bet is eager to get as many customers as it can and give them an incentive to continue playing on its platform. It also allows personalization of the betting platform, something we really enjoy.

Players can customize the betting menu, add or remove teams, construct their own bets, and more.

Most of these innovations, as well as the bonuses, are offered up on the 22Bet sportsbook, not on the casino.
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๐Ÿ† Bonuses & Promotions

The bonuses and promotions being offered by 22Bet are top-notch. In fact, we think 22Bet could be offering the biggest welcome offer to Indian players right now across all betting websites in India. Players are offered a 100% match bonus up to Rs.10,000.

The rollover is just five times the bonus amount on a minimum of three different events. These are very good conditions for a bonus of this size and regular players can take advantage of this pretty easily.

They also give 22 bet points that can be redeemed at the sportsbook.
There is also a VIP club at 22Bet which gives the regular players tailored promotions and bonuses to keep on playing on their platform.

The 22Bet welcome offer for the casino is even more generous, considering that the company is offering a 100% match bonus up to Rs 25,000. This bonus is deposited into the betting amount immediately, however, the wagering requirement for this bonus is much higher at 50x the bonus amount. We find this wagering requirement to be ridiculously high and it shows the kind of effort or the lack of it that 22Bet has been putting towards its casino offerings.

We would like to see more India focused bonuses in the future as that is something that is missing as well.

๐Ÿ“ž Customer Support

22Bet has seen a surge in its user base in a small amount of time and that has brought some problems with it as well. Its customer service can improve a fair bit and we think that is something that the gambling company needs to address quickly.

The site features an FAQ section, which includes answers to general questions, payments, betting, 22bet accounts and bonuses.

They do offer an international phone number (+357 99 816 806) for customers to register their complaints but the wait times can be very long. Indian customers can email ( and can expect a response within 8-24 hours. Assistance is offered in a number of languages, something that not all companies do, and the time of response can be a bit longer for regional languages.

The Live Chat option can be found in the Contact Us Page. A lot of users have reported bugs with this feature and being frustrated by a poor quality AI instead of being taken care of by an actual trained human representative.

Customer service can be a bit hit and miss with even the best of online casinos in India. It is something that players seem to take in their stride. As 22Bet grows, though, it will have to do a better job of servicing customer complaints.


  • 22Bet allows Indian customers to bet with the INR and this makes it very convenient to get started.
  • The process of account opening is very quick and very easy. All the information given during an account opening can be changed after the fact as well apart from the currency in which you want to bet on.
  • 22Bet is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission. Which ensures it has to adhere to a minimum set of standard practices as approved by the regulator.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used to gamble on 22Bet.
  • 22Bet offers over 50 sports to bet on with a very wide selection of bets on each event.
  • Indian players collectively bet as much as 60% of the total amount on cricket and so they will be very happy to know that 22Bet covers cricket very closely. Major international matches, Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, other T20 Leagues around the world, and even some regional leagues can be found on 22Bet.
  • The welcome bonus being offered by 22Bet is the biggest we could find for Indian customers anywhere.
  • 22Bet is a growing company that is willing to woo customers with attractive bonuses, lenient playthrough requirements, and VIP programs. Customers can enjoy being pampered more at sites such as these compared to others which have been around for a much longer time.
  • The software being used by 22Bet is almost identical to the one being used by the 1xBet network of sites. This should make their navigation and layout familiar to a very large number of players.
  • 22Bet offers live in-play bets on sports matches around the world as well as live casino games for the customers to enjoy.
  • 22Bet offers features like betting exchange, bet constructor, multi-live, toto15, and others which help personalize the betting experience for its customers.
  • The betting limits are very high and in a lot of cases, there are no maximum betting limits. This can provide some massive winning opportunities to capitalize on.
  • The live-bet platform that 22Bet offers rivals the best in the world in terms of the choice of offerings as well as the ease with which bets can be placed.
  • 22Bet is available on Android and Apple, the two major mobile platforms in India. This is a big deal because the large majority of the population accesses the internet only through mobile devices.

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  • 22Bet is a relatively new name in online gambling as it was established in 2017. Players can be wary of newer online casinos in India as there have been some poor experiences in the past.
  • 22Bet is focused on sports betting, where it is doing a fantastic job, but that seems to be coming at the cost of its casino. The lack of game options, the poor bonuses, and the ridiculous playthroughs make it seem like 22Bet is not serious about making its casino a serious offering at all.
  • 22Betโ€™s website and apps all need to be updated. The interface is old-school (although some players may prefer that) and the speed at which the information loads is consistently slower than its competitors.
  • 22Bet does not have a FAQ section at all on the website. And that does not talk very highly about the customer service it provides.
  • Opening an account and betting is very easy on 22Bet but withdrawing money requires the full information being uploaded. These things are often not abundantly clear to the novice and people can fee taken advantage of. The website can definitely do a better job of highlighting the fine print.

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