Are eSports Betting Sites Legal in India?

esports was always considered to be a niche pastime that would never really catch on. For a lack of a better word, it was considered to be ‘nerdy'. Now, however, we know that esports is one of the fastest-growing areas of competition and online gaming in the world. The pandemic also ended up being a huge boon for the esports sites since more people had time to game online than ever before. Are esports betting sites legal in India? Yes, there are many sites where you can bet on esports without getting in trouble.

Are esports betting sites legal in India?

You may be surprised to know but there are a number of esports betting sites that allow you to bet without ever getting on the wrong side of the law. how is that possible? Well, the laws the govern gambling in India have not been updated for a very long time. The British came up with the Public Gambling Act in 1867 and that has been in force almost unchanged since then.

This means that the law has nothing in it that bans or makes it illegal for users to bet at online betting sites, online casinos, or esports betting sites. one argument can be that such things did not exist during that time and so the law could not have covered that but the counter-argument is that Indian government had plenty of time to be able to amend the law if it so wished to do.

All of this means that you can legally bet on esports at websites such as Betway, Bet365, and 22bet without any worries. These websites are not registered in India, do not come under the jurisdiction of the Indian laws, and do not share any information with the Indian authorities. Go on and try for yourselves!