Baseball Over Under Betting Strategy Explained

While moneyline bets are the simplest to understand and place on a game of baseball, another popular betting market is Over/Under betting, wherein punters can place wagers predicting whether the score will be over or under a certain threshold. MLB is growing in popularity across the world and more people want to bet on it than ever before. Baseball over under betting strategy explained in simple terms here. Remeber that these bets are available at all major bookmakers like Bet365, Betwinner, or ComeOn.

Baseball over under betting strategy explained

In order to achieve success in Over/Under betting, one must some number crunching and research, because historical performances and statistics are a good indicator of how the upcoming game may unfold.


ERA, or earned run average of a pitcher is an important factor while placing over under bets. The ERA is arrived at by calculating the runs given by pitchers over the course of nine innings. The lower the ERA of a pitcher, the more difficult it is to score runs off them. The ERA is more important for the starting pitchers, as they set the tempo for the game. Lower ERA should nudge punters towards betting on under.

Relief pitchers

Usually, the teams tend to reserve their best pitchers either for the start or the end of a game, the performance of relief pitchers also plays an important role in over/under betting. Especially when the starting pitcher is in poor form, and relief pitchers are in earlier, the chances of going `over´ are pretty high


The closers are gradually being phased out, as their role is limited in a game of baseball, but that does not take away from the fact that they can have a major impact on the scores, with a strong closer definitely mandating an under bet.

Don’t bet over on extreme scores

Scoring in baseball is difficult. Although the odds may give better returns if you bet over on big scores, more often than not, the under bets will win, especially if the home team is an underdog.

Baseball over under betting strategy explained in simple terms to be able to make the most profit possible.