Basketball Line Betting Explained Easy

Basketball is one of the favorite sports for punters to bet on, as in addition to match bets, it offers a huge number of side-betting options. The odds on such side bets can fluctuate quite a bit in the lead-up to the game, or even as the game progresses. A popular form of betting on basketball is line betting offered by all major bookmakers like Bet365. Read about Basketball line betting explained easy right here.

Basketball line betting explained easy

In the simplest of terms, line betting is a type of bet where the bookie equalizes the odds for both the team by the help of a `line´ or a handicap. When a heavyweight team competes against an underdog, like in a game between Lakers and Nets, the Lakers are the favorites to win.

In such a game, the bookie will give a `line´ or a `margin´ by which the Lakers must win in order for the bets to be settled. If the line is set at 14.5, and the Lakers win by a margin of 15 points or more, those who have backed them in the line bets will win. However, if they manage to win, but with a margin of 14 points or less, the line bet is considered to be lost, even though the team is winning.

Here is basketball line betting explained easy.

Line betting is one of the newer concepts in basketball betting and is quite popular in online sportsbooks. The `lines’ are pre-set by the bookies in accordance with what they think would be the points where both the teams would be evenly matched.

Many bookies are now going a step further and offering the punters an option called `Pick your own line´. Instead of offering just a single `line bet´, the bookies offer a number of different `lines´ with varying odds, and the punters can choose a line bet which suits their prediction and research the most.