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Bet365 Cricket Betting Tips and Predictions: Simple Explanation

In addition to a variety of different sports, bet365 also has an excellent cricket betting portfolio, where punters can place wagers on a number of different markets. Let’s have a look at some bet365 cricket betting tips and predictions: simple explanation that will make you more likely to win.

Bet365 cricket betting tips and predictions: Simple explanation

Although many believe that in sports betting, and especially cricket betting, the outcomes are based purely on luck, it is not entirely true. While luck does play a role, you can definitely increase your chances of winning by understanding a few basics.

Do a proper research

Research is the key that differentiates a novice from seasoned punters. Never bet on a hunch or a guess. All your bets must be based on solid research. You will need to diligently follow the players and the teams, regarding their ongoing form, injuries, and likely squads. Websites like Cricviz and Fancode provide in-depth analysis and statistics of each team and players, and one can rely on them to make better predictions

One should also have proper knowledge about the various venues and pitches, which can hugely affect the outcome of a game. Factors like the weather too play an important role in the results of a match, and ultimately on your bets.

Odds shopping

Bet65 is known for giving some of the best odds in the market, but it is always advisable to compare the odds with other reputed bookmakers, so that you can get a better sense of what the bookies think about the outcome of an event, and can also help you get the most returns on your stakes.

Look for tips

Bet365 cricket betting tips and predictions: Simple explanation. Follow the blogs of cricket experts as well as erupted cricketing sites, as they might nudge you towards the right direction by providing a better insight on upcoming matches.