Bet365 Cricket Odds Explained: Definitive Guide

Bet365 cricket odds explained: Definitive guide

Cricket betting on bet365 is all about odds. Those who are new to the world of cricket betting may find the odds and their representations a bit confusing. This article is titled ‘Bet365 cricket odds explained: Definitive guide' and that is exactly what we will aim to achieve.

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Bet365 cricket odds explained: Definitive guide

In the simplest terms, odds can be seen as how probable the bookmaker thinks that an event is to occur. Let’s take an easy example of a match between India and England.

When you go to the bet365 website or app to bet on the match, you may see the odds displayed next to the teams. The odds may be displayed in fractions, American style, or decimals. Of the three, the decimals are the easiest to decipher, and hence the most recommended.

India 1.5

England 2.0

These odds show that India is more likely to win, and thus has `shorter´ odds, while the odds of England winning are a bit `longer'. In this case, if you bet ₹100 on India to win, you will get back ₹150 if your prediction turns out to be correct, i.e. you will win ₹50 on your stake of ₹100.

Similarly, if you successfully bet on England to win, you will be paid back ₹200 on an initial wager of ₹100, winning you ₹100.

Similarly, for each event, there are different odds, depending on how likely the event is to occur, according to the bookmaker.

Typically, most bookmakers offer slightly different odds, depending on their understanding of the game, and punters can create accounts on multiple websites to compare the odds, and choose to bet on the site which best suits their predictions and gives them the maximum returns.

Another popular way of betting is on betting is via `betting exchanges´, where punters can find the `true odds´ for a match, without factoring in a bookmaker’s commission.

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