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Betting Academy

Welcome to our comprehensive Betting Academy, where you will find everything you need to know to bet online in India.

Whether you're curious to gain in-depth knowledge or excited about the world of online betting, eager to explore the thrills of predicting match outcomes, or simply curious about betting strategies, look no further. BetIndia's how-to section covers it all under one roof.

Our betting academy provides you with everything you want to know about betting, top bookmakers, and more. This section offers a wealth of knowledge, catering to both beginners and seasoned bettors alike.

From how to bet on sports successfully to how to succeed at sports betting, our experts will provide you with every detail.

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If you are new to the world of online betting and wondering how to get started, we have your back. We have divided all our sports betting guide into the following 4 categories:

Each section contains separate comprehensive guides that will lead you through each stage, ensuring you're well-prepared before placing your money on betting sites or betting exchanges.

General Betting Guides

Betting might seem a bit tricky and complex, but it's very simple once you understand the basics. If you are entirely new to the world of betting, our Ultimate Beginners Guide is your go-to resource.

This online sports betting guide covers all the essentials, from understanding odds to managing your bankroll effectively. Additionally, our experts will guide you and help you by providing you with sports betting basics.

Our beginners betting guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you're ready to take your first steps into the world of online betting. In this section, we break down the fundamental concepts of betting.

We'll guide you through various aspects such as Predicting Match Winners, Handicap Betting, Player Performance Betting, and plenty more. Simply click the buttons to read more about any topic you may be interested in.

Predicting the Match Winner

This type of bet is a thrilling entry point into the world of sports betting. Predicting the Match Winner bet involves forecasting the winner of the game. This is one of the most uncomplicated wagers as you just have to anticipate who will win the particular match.

Let's say there's an upcoming cricket match between India and Pakistan. You believe that India has a stronger chance of winning and place a bet on them. So if India wins the match you will win your bet. However, if Pakistan emerges the winner then you will lose your money.

Match winner bet Infographic

Handicap Betting

Handicap Betting is a type of betting that you will understand with experience. This type of bet is designed to level the playing field between teams of varying strengths, making betting on these types of matches more exciting. In handicap betting, the bookmaker assigns a virtual advantage or disadvantage to each team before the match begins.

This adjustment aims to balance the odds considering the difference in team abilities. The stronger team receives a handicap disadvantage, while the underdog enjoys a handicap advantage. If a team has a positive handicap, it means they start the match with an advantage.

For example, in a cricket match between India and Netherlands, the Dutch might have a +15.5 runs handicap. This means that before the match even begins, 15.5 runs are added to the final score of The Netherlands.

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Player Performance

In Player Performance Betting, points are given to players based on his performance on the pitch such as number of runs, wickets taken, balls caught, etc.

Let's consider a cricket match between India and Australia. One of the key players for the Indian cricket team is Virat Kohli. A cricket betting site might offer various player performance bets for this match.

You can bet on whether Virat Kohli will score over or under a certain number of runs. You can also bet on the number of boundaries (4s and 6s) Virat Kohli will hit during the match. Additionally, you can bet on whether Virat Kohli will be awarded the Man of the Match title.

How to Bet on Cricket?

With cricket being the most popular sport in the country, this section is key for your betting journey. In this section, we will make sure to provide you with insights you need to know while making strategic betting decisions. In this pivotal section, you will find an endless number of articles that will explain different markets in the betting world of cricket.

From Top Bowler Bet to First Wicket Method Bet, from Top Batsman Bet to Understanding Back & Lay, we have got you covered. These articles are designed to provide you with practical knowledge, allowing you to approach each match with a strategic mindset.

Remember, successful betting isn't just about luck; it's about understanding the game, analyzing statistics, and making calculated choices.

By exploring our “How to Bet on Cricket” section, you will understand why this is the right hub for your betting adventure.

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Top Bowler Bet

Betting on the best wicket-taker in a cricket match can help you win a good amount of money as odds are usually pretty decent for this market. In the top bowler bet you have to predict which bowler will get the most outs in a particular game.

For example, if you think Jasprit Bumrah is doing well and will likely take the most wickets in the match, you can bet on him to be the Top Bowler.

To make a smart bet on the top wicket-taker, it's important to think about things like how well the bowler has been playing recently, the condition of the pitch, and how good the other team's batters are.

Back & Lay Betting

If you're interested in cricket betting on betting exchange sites like Dafabet, you've likely come across the terms back and lay betting. Back betting is when you place a bet on a certain outcome to happen.

In cricket, this could be betting on a specific team to win a match. For example, let's say there's a match between India and Australia. If you believe India will win, you place a back bet on India. If India wins, you'll make a profit based on the odds.

Lay betting is a bit different. It's like acting as the bookmaker yourself. Instead of betting on a team to win, you're betting on a team not to win. In our example, if you lay Australia, you're essentially saying you don't think Australia will win the match. If the other team wins or if it's a draw, your lay bet wins.

Back and lay betting explanation

First Wicket Method

The First Wicket Method bet is a type of cricket betting where you predict how the first wicket in a match will be taken. In cricket, a wicket is when a batsman is dismissed or gets out.

There are different ways a batsman can get out, and this bet allows you to guess the method of dismissal for the first wicket that falls in a particular match.

Some common First Wicket Method options are Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, etc.

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Betting Strategies

This Betting Strategies section is designed keeping experienced bettors in mind. If you're ready to step up your betting game and want to try out smarter ways to wager, you're in the right spot.  In this section, you'll find cool tricks that can help you make better bets.

We will explain a few advanced betting strategies such as Accumulator Betting, Arbitrage Betting, Hedging, etc. This type of betting should only be done once you have deep knowledge of online betting.

However, despite that, if you still want to try your hands on these betting styles, we explain them in great detail in the separate articles.

Accumulator Betting

An Accumulator Bet is a type of betting market where you combine multiple individual bets into one single bet. To secure a victory in an accumulator bet, every individual bet must be successful. Each of these bets holds its unique odds, and the potential gains grow massively.

Accumulator bets are popular because it allows you to bet a small stake and win a potentially large sum. Some common types of accumulator bets are Double, Treble, Trixie, Yankee, Super Yankee, Heinz, Goliath, Lucky 15, etc.

Betting academy accumulator bet types


Hedge betting is a popular strategy that involves managing risk. Hedging is a strategy where you place bets on different outcomes to either secure a profit or minimize a potential loss.

For example, let's say you have placed a bet on Manchester United to win a match, and as the match progresses, it becomes clear that their opponent, Liverpool, have a strong chance of winning.

To hedge your original bet, you might place a new bet on the Liverpool team to win. If Liverpool does win, your new bet will help you cut your losses or even make a profit depending on the odds and stakes.


Arbitrage betting is a smart way to make sure you win money, no matter which team or player wins a game. You can do this by betting on all the different possible outcomes of a game. This works when different bookmakers have different ideas about who will win.

By doing this, you can be sure to get some money no matter what happens in the game. This happens because some betting sites might make mistakes or have different predictions about what will happen in that particular match or event.

When you do arbitrage betting, you're placing bets on every possible result of a game with different betting sites. It is especially common on betting exchanges.

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Whether you're new to online betting, trying to make sense of unfamiliar terms, or an experienced bettor looking to brush up on your knowledge, this section is here to help. We will try explaining to you different jargon like bhav, or What does Satta stand for?

Not only that, we will also explain the most important terminology for specific sports such as clean sheet in football, racecard in horse racing, etc.

Consider this section your dictionary for all things related to sports betting.

Bhav Meaning

In the context of betting, “Bhav” refers to the odds or probabilities assigned to various outcomes of a sporting event.

Bhav is a Hindi word that translates to odds or price in English. Bhav helps you understand the potential returns you can expect based on your wager and the chances of a specific outcome taking place.

The bhav is set by bookmakers based on various factors, such as team strengths, recent performances, pitch conditions, statistics, and much more. This term is often used in India or other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Clean Sheet in Football

effectively stops the opposing side from scoring any goals throughout a match. In football betting, a clean sheet denotes the evaluation of a team's defensive prowess in thwarting the opponent's goal-scoring attempts.

This metric reveals the team's proficiency in safeguarding their own goal and preventing rivals from putting the ball into the net.In football, the term “clean sheet” signifies a defensive achievement in which a team.

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