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Fancy in Cricket Betting

Cricket betting has become popular over the years and at the same time it has evolved as well. The type of online betting markets has now expanded beyond traditional match outcome bets. There are a number of different betting markets in the industry now and one of the market types is “Fancy betting.”

Fancy bets offer you a unique and specific betting opportunity. This type of betting keeps you hooked on a particular match. In this section, we will explore what Fancy in cricket betting means. To help you understand it better we will provide you with a number of practical examples.

Understanding Fancy Bets in Cricket

Fancy bets, also known as prop bets are bets that focus on specific events or occurrences within a cricket match, rather than the overall outcome.

These bets allow you to engage with particular players, specific actions, or milestones during the game. This betting market is most common while involved in live betting as the scenario and odds of the events keep on changing instantly.

Let's explain to you better with examples and markets you can explore while exploring Fancy betting in cricket.

Types of Fancy bets in cricket

Top Batsman and Top Bowler

One of the most common types of fancy bets is predicting the top batsman and top bowler in a match or innings. You can wager on which batsman will score the most runs for their team or which bowler will take the most wickets.

For example in an ODI match between India and Australia. You predict that Virat Kohli will be the top batter for India and Pat Cummins will be the top bowler of Australia.

If Virat Kohli scores the most runs for India and Pat Cummins takes the most wickets for Australia, and you have placed your money on these outcomes, then you will win your bets.

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Man of the Match

Another popular fancy bet is predicting the “Man of the Match.” You can wager on which player will be awarded the award once the match reaches its conclusion.

For example, in a match between England and New Zealand, you think Ben Stokes will make the difference between the two teams and will be a match-winner and you place your bets on Stokes being the Man of the Match, you will win the bet.

And if any other player wins the Man of the Match award, you will lose your bet.

Coin Toss

Betting on the outcome of the coin toss is a straightforward and common fancy bet in cricket. You have to predict which team will win the coin toss at the beginning of the match.

This comes up with 50-50 risk as it all comes down on your luck and doesn't need any planning.

Mostly, the odds for Coin Toss are around 1.81 among all the top betting sites in India.

Super Over Outcome

Limited-overs formats like ODI and T20I matches that end in a tie may proceed to a Super Over to determine the winner. You can bet on the outcome of the Super Over, which can also be considered a session bet.

For example, if the match between Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians goes into the super over, Bookmakers such as Cricbaba will come up with Fancy Bets such as “Who will win the Super over?” By predicting the correct winner, you can maximise your profits.

First Over Runs

Betting on the number of runs scored in the first over of a match is another exciting fancy bet. In the South Africa vs England ODI match, you placed a fancy bet on “First Over Runs: Over 7.5.”

If the batting team scores more than 7.5 runs in the first over, you will win the bet. Do note that these types have some good odds but also come with risks.

You can read more about these kind of bets in our over/under betting guide.

Player Specials

Fancy bets also include betting on individual player performances, like whether a batsman will score a century or a bowler will take a specific number of wickets.

For example, you can place a bet on whether Virat Kohli will score a century or if Jasprit Bumrah will take five wickets in a Test match.

Learn more in our detailed guide on player performance bets.

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