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Race to 10 Runs Bet in Cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport in India.  Due to the popularity of this sport, online betting on cricket is also a phenomenon that is rapidly rising in India. People visit different online bookmakers to explore the wide variety of betting markets to place a bet and stand a chance to win big due to their knowledge of their game.

To capitalize on this, various online bookmakers in India offer a wide variety of betting markets apart from the standard winner prediction bets. One such popular betting market is the race to 10 runs.

In this write-up we will explain how the race to 10 runs bett works in cricket.

How does the Race to 10 Runs Bet Work?

Race to 10 runs is a very simple form of bet to understand. This type of bet is placed when a pair of batters walk out at the start of the innings and you have to correctly predict which of the two batters will first reach the 10-run mark, or if neither of them will reach the mark.

There will be different odds on offer which will determine your winnings if you predict the batter who will reach the mark first correctly. This is a fun and easy bet to understand and the chances of you winning this could be high if you have done your research right and understand the stats. Top betting sites generally offer this type of bet in the ODI and T20I formats of cricket.

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To understand the race to 10 runs bet, take a match between India and Australia for example. In the match, it is highly likely that Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill will open the innings for India.

In the race to the 10-run betting market, you will have three options with three different odds on offer.

  • In one selection, you could choose Shubman Gill as the batter who will reach 10 runs first.
  • In the second option, you could choose Rohit Sharma as the batter who will reach 10 runs in the innings first.
  • The third option on offer will be neither. In this scenario, both batters will get out before crossing the 10 runs mark, which is an extremely rare scenario and thus the odds will be much higher for this.

Here's an example of what the odds could look like:

  • Rohit Sharma (1.80)
  • Shubman Gill (2.20)
  • Neither (31.00)
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In this scenario, if you predict the batter who will get to the 10 runs correctly, you will walk away with the winnings. If not, you will lose your bet and the stake you have entered.

For example, if you placed a bet of INR 1,000 on Shubman Gill to reach the 10 runs mark first, you will walk away with INR 2,200 if he indeed scores 10 runs the fastest.

In case of rain interruptions and the match being called off, the bet is generally classified as void. Read more about this in our page about abandoned cricket matches.

The same bet will be on offer for the Australian batters as well.

So Race to 10 runs in cricket is an extremely fun and exhilarating bet to place, which will give you quick results and the chance to win big if you are correct in your predictions.

Race to 10 runs explainer

Tips for Betting on Race to 10 Runs

While luck will play a big role in the race to 10 runs in cricket betting, knowledge of the game and the players involved as well as the conditions and the opposition bowlers helps as well.

Here are a few tips that will hold you in good stead before you try your hand at this form of online cricket betting:

  • Study the players and their stats. Take into consideration the strike rate the players have in their careers, especially in the opening phase of their innings. Some batters might be slow starters and are less likely to help you win the bet. Fast starters on the other hand will give you a better chance
  • For opening pairs, check out the past partnerships and check out which batter generally takes the strike first. While the batter who takes the strike first won’t necessarily reach the 10-run mark first, he will certainly have a small advantage by virtue of first getting the chance to score some runs
  • Study the opposition bowlers. Check out which bowlers are going to line up for the opposition and what the record of the batter you are going to place your bet on is against the bowlers from the opposition. This will better help you understand the bet you want to place
  • It is advisable to place the race to 10 runs bet in the second innings of the match. By this time, you will get an idea of the pitch and the conditions at the venue and which player is likely to thrive in these scenarios

Race to 10 runs tips

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