Betway Under 0.5 Meaning in Cricket?

Betway under 0.5 meaning in cricket?

Betway is one of the most well-known online bookies in the world, especially for cricket. Among many other types of bets, betway offers over/under bets on cricket too. So let’s find out the meaning of Betway under 0.5 meaning in cricket?

Read on for the answer.

Betway under 0.5 meaning in cricket?

Over/under is a popular type of bet when it comes to cricket. It describes the number of runs that a player or a team is likely to score or the number of wickets that a bowler is likely to take. Over/under betting provides a huge range of options, depending on how it is used.

For example, in a T20 match between India and Australia, one can bet on Bumrah taking over/under 0.5 wickets during his spell. What this essentially means is that if you are placing an under 0.5 bet on the market,  you are predicting that Bumrah will go wicketless. If you place an over 0.5 bet, it means that you are predicting that Bumrah will get one wicket or more.

Similarly, in a live betting market of the same match, you can place an under 0.5 bet on the number of runs to be scored in the 1st over, or you can bet on a possibility that Virat Kohli will score under 0.5 runs before getting out, implying that he will be out on a duck

As seen from the above examples, over/under betting presents many betting opportunities, depending on the market you choose. You can find a whole host of options on the betway.

Why is over/under followed by a decimal number

Betway under 0.5 meaning in cricket? The decimals are used to avoid any confusion, as wickets or runs cannot be in decimals. One can either take 0 wickets or 1 wicket, but not 0.5. This provides a punter a clear picture of what they are betting on, without any inclusions or exclusions.

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