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Can a Bookmaker Ban You for Winning?

One of the biggest questions in the minds of a punter would be, Can a bookmaker ban you for winning? After all, if you do get banned by a bookmaker, your betting options can become that much limited. So let's try to understand if the bookmakers can really do that.

Can a bookmaker ban you for winning?

Yes, bookmakers may ban you, but only under very rare circumstances. Most of the punters who bet, often lose more than they win. For such cases, the one-off big win will not bother the bookmaker, and you will most definitely not be banned by them. The most they may do is to limit the amount that you can stake so that their losses are limited.

However, if they do detect some suspicious activity in your account over a long period, they may ban you.

Betting on only one sport.

If a bookmaker sees that you have been consistently betting on only one type of sport, and making money off it, they may decide to limit your stake initially, for that particular sport. But if you still keep on doing that, and the bookie keeps losing money, they can eventually ban you

Making considerably large bets

Bookmakers have specialized software that can keep a track of all the bets their punters make. Accounts that regularly make large bets can be easily flagged, and if it’s been a losing proposition for the bookie, may lead to a ban.

Overall profit and loss

If the bookie has been consistently losing money to you, and not getting enough returns through your account, they may decide to limit or ban you as a business decision.


Can a bookmaker ban you for winning? It is not illegal for bookmakers to ban people because it is after all their prerogative for which players to accept and which do not. In order to avoid a ban, it is best to spread out your bets over multiple bookmakers, and place small losing bets at times, as bait to such bookies.