Can Astropay Accept Rupay?

Astropay is a virtual card that you can use at most major online betting sites. It is an excellent method for people in countries like India where the regular bank cards have restrictions on them. The process to use an Astropay card is very easy. Use your regular bank card to pay for an Atsropay and then use it freely online. What about Rupay, though? Can Astropay accept Rupay? Here are all the ways that you can pay for Astropay in India.

Can Astropay accept Rupay?

To use Astropay, you need to pay for it upfront. here is how you buy it:

  • Go to the Astropay website and make an account
  • Select the value of the Astropay card that you want to buy
  • Pay for it
  • Start using it like you would any other card!

To pay for your Astropay card, you can use your existing bank card. Most cards in India are either Visa, Mastercard, or Rupay. The government makes some special concessions for its home-grown Rupay card and so a lot of banks issue it freely. Try using it to pay for Astropay because there is a good chance it will work. In some cases, however, the bank that issues the card puts some limits on its usage and that will prevent the payment from going through.

We know that Atsropay accepts money from:

  • Visa debit and credit cards
  • Mastercard credit and debit cards
  • Netbanking
  • UPI
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

There are a lot of ways that you can use to pay for an Astropaycard so don't worry if your Rupay card does not work.

Is Astropay safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. We say this because it has been around for over a decade and works with all the major betting sites in the world. You can be sure your money is not going anywhere when you use Astropay.