Can Bookies Ban You for Winning too Much?

You may have heard stories or gripes on forums that certain bookies ban their bettors if they start to win too much. Can bookies ban you for winning too much? Theoretically, it is possible that bookmakers can ban you because they reserve the right to allow or ban anyone from playing on their own platform. In reality, it is extremely rare and you would usually have broken some rule to be banned.

Can bookies ban you for winning too much?

Bookies don't really care if you win because that is a part of the game. Everyone is going to win and lose at some point in time and a lot of bookies are happy when one of their players wins big because it encourages others to try their luck as well.

The problem comes when you start to exhibit some unnatural patterns of betting.

There are some advanced algorithms that keep a lookout for betting patterns. In fact, these are the algorithms that help flag possible instances of match-fixing or spot-fixing across sports. If a bookie is convinced that you are not playing with fair means then your bets can be voided, your winnings withheld, or your account banned.

Also, the amounts that we are talking about before your account is banned is something that casual players are never going to achieve! Thousands of dollars on a single bet may not be enough to make any difference to the bookmakers but if you are using unfair means then your account can be banned.

Another common reason for the account being banned is that players have more than one account one bookmaker to try and get an extra bonus or get free bets. That is frowned upon by the bookies. Similarly, if you try to use Arbitrage betting, you will be flagged although that is not something that your account is going to be banned for.

Can bookies ban you for winning too much? To put it simply, bookies do not care if you win money but they do care if you use improper means to do so.