Can Dream11 Give Real Money?

Dream11 is the most popular fantasy platform in India. It has millions of users that win or lose money depending on the points that their fantasy teams generate. This kind of game has been termed as legal by the Indian Supreme Court and so to play Dream11 is perfectly legal. It is not considered gambling but a game of skill. Can dream11 give real money? Yes, it absolutely can and in fact, there are people that have won over 1Crore as well.

Can dream11 give real money?

Dream11 allows you to play two types of contests. One is a free contest where you do not have to enter anything to play. You also do not win anything in such contests. The other ones are paid contests where you have to pay a certain entry fee to enter the competition. The best performing teams in this contest end up winning a significant amount of money.

Any money that you win is going to be transferred to your Dream11 account immediately. There is no tax deducted at source that you have to pay un until an amount of INR 10,000 above which you have to 30% tax irrespective of which tax slab you fall under or whether you pay any tax at all.

This money is very real and you can withdraw it to your bank account. You just need to complete the KYC formalities before you can withdraw your money.

Can dream11 give real money? It absolutely can. the percentage of people that actually win something significant is very low and this is why a lot of people prefer online casinos instead. They can bet on multiple markets at these casinos and have a better chance of winning more money!

Sure, check out Dream11 but if you really want to win some money then there are better options instead.