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Can I Have Two Bet365 Accounts?

Bet365 India is one of the most popular online sports bookies in the world. It provides handsome bonuses to its new players and also has regular promotions for its regular users. Can I have two bet365 accounts? After all, it will help you utilize its offers multiple times?

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Can I have two bet365 accounts?

No, you can not have more than 1 accounts with bet365. Bet365 uses sophisticated software and algorithms to track the IP addresses of its users. An IP address is the digital footprint of your device, whether a desktop or a mobile device. By tracking the IP address, the website can get to know of multiple accounts are being operated from a single device or IP address.

Sometimes, it may be possible to create a second account by submitting false details to the site. But this will easily be caught during the verification process, and bet365 will most certainly suspend or restrict your account.

Using a VPN to create multiple accounts

Can I have two bet365 accounts? Some users may try to create multiple accounts using a VPN. By using a VPN, one can mask the real IP address of your device. Again, you may be able to do this once in a while. But if the company detects that a certain account is regularly using VPN to log in, it can again suspend or restrict the account.

Why does bet365 not allow multiple accounts?

The site does not allow multiple accounts by a single user, in order to prevent the abuse of promotions. As a part of its offers, the site gives out free bets, and a welcome deposit. A user with multiple accounts can use these free bets for arbitrage.

And also, the welcome bonuses usually mean free money to play with and cause a loss to the casino. Therefore, bet365 has a pretty strict policy regarding multiple accounts, and it’ better not to try doing so, if you want to avoid your account being suspended or restricted.