Can I Play Lotto Online in Tamil Nadu?

Can I play Lotto online in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is a southern state of India and it was considered to be quite progressive in years gone past. Lately, however, its attitude towards a lot of things is becoming regressive and that is something that is a concern for the region, as well as India as a whole. Allowing adults to do what they want with their money (with reasonable limits) is one of the basic freedoms that we think should be afforded to everyone. Playing apps like Dream11, MPL, Rummycircle, online lotto, and other forms of gaming should surely be allowed for everyone. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case in Tamil Nadu. Can I play Lotto online in Tamil Nadu? You cannot.

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Can I play Lotto online in Tamil Nadu?

Playing the lotto online is still possible, however, Tamil Nadu now has a specific law that targets all kinds of gaming that involve the exchange of money. There is no specific app or website that has been banned but any individual found to be playing such games can be fined or even put behind bars.

This is why every kind of fantasy sports app, online casino, online betting site, online lotto, or even commonly played games like Tambola, Ludo, Counter-Strike, or Fortnite fall under this category. The law is very hard to enforce and it is difficult to see how the state will actually come by this information.

We suspect that they have brought in this bill for political purposes to try and show that they are serious about stamping out corruption in the state. Unfortunately, by removing the legal ways to game online, all that they are doing is giving the gray market a boost and actually increasing the number of people that will turn to illegal elements in the future.

Can I play Lotto online in Tamil Nadu? You cannot as the law states you can be fined or sent to jail if caught.

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