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Can I Reopen my Bet365 Account?

Most well-known betting websites follow stringent rules and are regulated strictly by gaming authorities. Websites like Bet365 India are required to follow `Responsible Gambling´ protocols in order to address gambling addiction among its users. One such method of curbing addiction is `self-exclusion´, wherein a player can choose to take a break from the site for a predetermined, or indefinite period of time. The most common question on the mind of a player opting for self-exclusion might be ‘Can I reopen my bet365 account?'.

Here is why you should think carefully before taking such a step.

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Can I reopen my bet365 account?

Once you have opted for self-exclusion, there is no way that you can reactivate your account before the time limit for your exclusion has expired. This is due to the strict conditions set up by the gaming authorities.

While setting up self exclusions, you can select to deactivate your account from anywhere between 6 months to 5 years, or indefinitely. While you are on self-exclusion, you can still access your account of the betting sites in order to withdraw your winnings or remaining balance, but will not be allowed to make fresh deposits.

You can choose to exclude yourself from either a particular sport or section or from the entire website. Once your self-exclusion starts, the website will try and prevent you from setting up alternate accounts and also stop sending you marketing messages.

Can I reopen my bet365 account? You can, but only after the self-exclusion limit is over. In order to reactivate your account after your set exclusion period has lapsed, you can contact bet365 customer support via email or call and request them to reactivate your account. You will receive a confirmation link on your registered e-mail id, and you can follow the instructions in the mail, to reactivate your account.

Time out

If you wish to stop betting or gambling for just a small period of time, you can choose the `Time out´ option rather than `self-exclusion´. Time out allows you to take either a couple of days or up to 30 days off, after which you can reactivate your account so you never have to wonder ‘Can I reopen my bet365 account?' again.