Can I Use PayPal on Bet365?

Bet365 India is one of the most popular betting sites in India and around the world. It is available in a number of countries and so it has to adhere to the local rules and regulations everywhere. This not only true for the betting laws but also for banking regulations. If you are wondering ‘can I use PayPal on Bet365’, well then the answer depends on where you live.

Can I use PayPal on Bet365?

Different countries have different rules and this is why every single feature of Bet365 is not available everywhere. For example, PayPal is an accepted source of payment in the UK but not in India. In fact, if you are from India or the Indian subcontinent, you cannot use PayPal with Bet365 at all. Not for depositing money or for withdrawing.

PayPal is an extremely popular company but it does not want to be linked with gambling in India. This may change down the line or not. It’s difficult to say.

What is the best banking method to use at Bet365?

We always advise our customers to use e-wallets so that they never have to worry about any banking regulations again. Even in countries like India, Neteller or Skrill work without any problem. You can deposit money from any bank into your e-waller. You can deposit this money into any betting account with any trouble.

The same holds true for withdrawal also. Not only can you transfer the money without any trouble but this is also the fastest method to get your money.

For example, Bet365 will complete your withdrawal within 12 hours if you are using Neteller. This time frame is about 12-24 hours for Skrill.

No other method is as quick.

In conclusion, you can use PayPal with Bet365 in some countries. You can find all the banking methods for your country on the Bet365 website.