Can we Play Rummy in Andhra?

Rummy is a popular card game that is played in households around India. It is usually played with small sums of money but that really is up to the people playing. As with anything, there are some people that enjoy playing with less money at stake and there are others that only get the thrill when the amount of money is significantly large. Recently, Andhra Pradesh has introduced a gaming law that makes playing any game online with money at stake illegal. What does this mean for Rummy, a game that has been recognized by the Supreme Court of India as being legal? Can we play rummy in Andhra?

The answer to this is a bit complicated.

Can we play rummy in Andhra?

Gambling in India is considered illegal thanks to the Public Gambling Act of 1867. That means playing rummy offline in any sort of organized setting is illegal. People used to be able to play Rummy online at reputable online casinos like 10cric India or Betway India without any trouble. RummyCircle is also a very popular app that allowed people to play rummy with their friends or other rummy lovers from around the country.

Now, however, Andhra's new gaming law has made playing any sort of game online illegal. This law does not distinguish between games of skill or games of chance. It does not care if you are playing a game that has been deemed legal by the Supreme Court of India! Any sort of gaming app or website where you are playing money comes under this law's purview.

Interestingly, the law targets the people that are playing with a threat of imprisonment or a fine. The game providers may also be targetted and that is why they have started limiting their offerings in the state.

Can we play rummy in Andhra? You can but for all intents and purposes, you would be breaking the law.