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Can we Play Rummy in Tamil Nadu?

Rummy is a very popular card game in India and is also considered to be a game of skill by the Supreme Court. This is why it does not come under the gambling laws of the country and can be played freely on websites like Rummycircle and others. Tamil Nadu ( and a few other states) have taken a much harder line against online gaming of all kinds. This means that you cannot play any game that involves the exchange of money. Can we play rummy in Tamil Nadu? As things stand right now, you can be persecuted by the law for playing rummy or other such games.

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Can we play rummy in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has brought in a law to regulate online gaming as it believes that that the youth of its state is being corrupted by such games. We find that to be laughable as in the absence of legal and properly regulated gaming option, this same youth is going to go into the arms of the illegal bookies or play at underground game parlors that are home to many illegal elements of society.

This law brought in by Tamil Nadu has targetted all kinds of games, not just games of chance or casino games. Every single game where there is some exchange of money is being targeted. That means you can even get in trouble for playing Ludo, Tambola, or a game of Fortnite if there is some money involved.

The Supreme Court of India has ruled that games of skill are legal and so do not come under the laws of gambling. Can we play rummy in Tamil Nadu? Not until the current law is amended. We think there are bound to be some legal challenges to the law very soon.

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