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Can we Play Tambola Online?

Tambola is a popular game in India. It is easy to understand, requires no skill, is played with large groups of people, and requires a minimal investment upfront. Young children play tambola at birthday parties and senior citizens enjoy it at their country clubs. Perhaps, this is the reason why the popularity of tambola skyrocketed during the pandemic. People thought of it as a means to pass the time and starting playing it online. What are the rules surrounding tambola, though? Can we play Tambola online? Does it come under the gambling law?

Can we play Tambola online?

There are a number of apps and websites that offer you the chance to play tambola online. You can play with your friends or other people abroad. Technically, tambola is considered gambling under the Indian laws and if someone wants to harass you, it can be done. The reality is that no one really bothers about small games of tambola played among friends or at the co9nutry club.

The trouble starts when these games of tambola start to become very big and attract major sums of money. That is when the law steps in.

Also, if you are playing online on websites that are registered outside India and thus do not come under its jurisdiction, you should be fine. Gambling online is not technically banned in India because the law makes no mention of it.

Can we play Tambola online? You should know that certain states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Sikkim, and Nagaland have come out with specific laws that prevent any sort of games being played online that involve the exchange of money.

In general, Tambola is not considered to be a game that attracts much attention from the police or the law but you should know that it does come under the gambling law.

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