Cricket Betting Sites

cricket betting sites

Cricket betting sites are the most popular events among all the betting events in India. The craze the game gets in the country reflects in the amount of betting that happens around it on the betting platforms too. Just during the IPL championships, there happened almost 3-4 times for the rest of the year betting.

It's not one factor that the game has seen so much popularity in the country; although Cricket is regarded as the Englishmen's game, India has owned it for a long time. Therefore, all the sports bookmakers in India would want to focus more on cricket betting events, more odds related to IPL betting or T20 Championships, Special cricket bonus offers and many more features.

Though a large amount of the population has been contributing to the revenue from the betting arena, there is still almost 90% market that needs to be explored.

The cricket betting revenue is almost a billion $ every year. Especially during IPL season, the craze is at its peak. This page details the legal issues why Cricket, especially IPL, has got this craze, and some examples.

Is Cricket betting legal in India?

Cricket betting is illegal in India if done on on-shores within the country's borders. However, for online betting, there are no restrictions on the game.

Online cricket betting is legal as long as no law objectifies it, but some states have already made a law that even online betting is legal. States like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have banned all kinds of online and Fantasy betting.

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Fantasy betting, an ally to cricket betting, has gained immense popularity and has thrown a strong wave across the nation for a new kind of sports betting revolution. Since it's based on skill and not based on luck outright, it is deemed legal. Cricket betting is still under the shade; as long as the laws remain the same, it is considered legal. Online betting sites are operating safely for now.

Even the commission that reviewed the Corruption claims on IPL suggested that it would be a good choice for the Indian Government to make betting legal and use the billion$ revenue on the selected sports events or similar expenses.

Though they have been regulations as of now, none of them makes Online betting forbidden; as long as the rules stay like this, it's suitable for bettors, betting sites and even the cricket environment.

How to do cricket betting in India

There are many cricket betting sites, registering with them, a bettor can enjoy the betting experience. But, for a beginner, it might look like a mix-up. So, here we detail the complete process of how a bettor can register and get going with betting on their favourite game.

First, choosing their favourite betting site from the list of all the current betting sites that operate online in India is a crucial job. For example, a bookmaker might be good at odds, but the payment methods or the processing time might be poor. Or a bookie can have instant withdrawal methods, but the odds might not be relatively good. Many cases arise when a bettor chooses his favourite bookie.

We hope our betting sites in India review page helps you identify the list of the best betting sites which has reasonable bonus offers, excellent cricket odds, and what they are looking to choose a bookmaker of their choice.

Which are the best cricket betting sites?

To do cricket betting in India currently, there are more than 50 betting sites in India. Out of these, bet365, 1xbet, betway etc., these bookmakers are deemed as one of the best sites. We have the best betting sites section where we have given the complete betting sites in India list; there, you can get a complete list of all the bookies and an overview of what they offer.

It's easy to check and summarise which bookie chooses your requirement of good payment options, best odds, varied promotional offers, extensive betting events etc. So here we bring the top 5 betting sites that we think might have created a significant impact among Indian bettors in recent times.


Bet365 India is one of the oldest bookies as it has been there since 2000, and currently, it's enjoying the lion's share in the Indian betting market arena.

Bet365 online is probably the best betting site compared to others, as their odds, betting events, live stream, customer support etc., stand way ahead of others.

It has been maintaining its brand value for a long time now. It is regarded as the most consistent bookmaker that offers vast kinds of betting events for worldwide sports betting opportunities.
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bet365 doesn't provide a substantial welcome bonus. Instead, it gives the best services in terms of payment methods, customer support and a super-fast interface; the odds, betslip and cashout act pretty fast. Also, bet365 India is known for its live-streaming, and its overall quality keeps it miles ahead of others.

To conquer the lion's share of the betting market when facing massive competition from new entrants is always a tough job, and bet365 bosses this arena.


Betway India is as famous as the former and has been very good with their odds and customer support. Kevin Pietersen is their brand ambassador; they focus on Cricket betting events and a separate app for betway casinos and esports.

This particular focus on exclusive betting events gives the bettors a lasting impression of the bookie's performance and functioning. As a result, Betway in India is quite popular and has been ruling the cricket betting enthusiasts.

Betway Sports has provided some excellent betting events, especially cricket betting events. They have a special section for all the cricket betting events; this attracts the bettors quite a lot.

Not only the betting events but the bookmaker has also been very active with its customer support, odds, features, and payment methods. To be among the top bookies for more than two decades is quite an arduous task, and a few bookies like betway can handle the top position.


1xbet online has given the best choices for bettors regarding cricket betting events, promotional events, and payment methods. 1xbet has the most no. of betting payment methods compared to any other betting site.

Also, the site is available in many languages, making it easy for the bookmaker to reach most areas where the bettors are interested. In addition, 1xbet customer support can be contacted 24/7, via mail, via phone, or if the query is a question, there is a special FAQ section for the bettors.

1xbet offers special promotional offers on cricket betting events too. Overall comparing it to the other betting sites, 1xbet has been among the top3 in all features; even the registration is quite fast, with special mention to its customer support.


22bet India sports betting has excellent features; the number of bettors enjoying the bookie service is perfect. In recent years, the craze for this bookmaker has been multifold.

Not only is cricket betting, but they are also spread into football, kabaddi, badminton, basketball and many more sports betting events that happen worldwide. In addition, the betting site offers a 22bet app for iOS and android bettors, along with many betting payment methods.
cricket betting sites

The betting sites that excel in almost all kinds of features are meant to be the no.1 betting site in India. Though most bookies excel in one or another element, those mentioned above three have been very relevant for bettors. They have been offering promotional offers, app features, payment methods, betting events etc.


Dafabet India has to be given a massive shout-out for their substantial welcome deposit bonus and the cricket betting events they possess. It is deemed one of the best Asian bookmakers and has provided its best services for Indian bettors. Also, the dafa sports app has a massive following among Indian bettors.

It has been the betting partner for many countries in English cricket. Dafabet customer support provides good language support to Indian bettors, and it has multi-options for bettors to reach and solve their queries pretty fast.

Best Cricket betting leagues

Apart from the ICC world cup, other leagues have been ruling the cricket betting market. Of course, world Cup matches have an utterly different craze, but these betting leagues from the respective countries have been taking the golden crown for a decade.

The transition of tests and then ODI has paved the way for a much faster cricket; the shorter format T20 cricket is the current favourite for all generations. Since most of the population is youngsters this decade, BCCI is also making sure the cricket format is as short as possible.

Soon, they might be a T10 league in IPL. ICC is also lending its support to this kind of league. So let's go and check who is leading the board of the best cricket leagues.

IPL betting

Indian Premier League, shortly IPL is the biggest cricket league in the world; it is deemed 5th biggest sporting event in just 13 years of its inception. IPL has ten teams, and soon, there will be a Women's IPL too.

IPL betting is the most happening in the cricket calendar, and bettors and bookmakers wait for ten months in a year for this 2-month season. This gentlemen's game will quickly have a billion viewership across the globe. The stakes will be higher; the odds will be perfect.
cricket betting sites
We bring the match predictions daily for the IPL time to make things easier. Also, we have a particular IPL betting tips page, where we predict the winner of all the categories like Orange cap holder, MVP, Purple cap holder, IPL winner and some detailed analytics on the impact players for this particular season.

Also, we bring promotional offers made for the IPL time by every bookie. It has to be one of the busy times in the online betting market in India. So don't miss to cash in during IPL matches and earn as much as possible; the online betting events and fantasy betting sites often target this season.

All the betting sites in India aim to increase the craze for their market during this time. Therefore, the positions change drastically during the IPL games; the top betting sites list will be entirely different from the general one during the IPL time.

PSL betting

Pakistan Super League, which started after almost 5-6 years of IPL and followed nearly the same format as IPL, is the 2nd most popular cricket league worldwide. As a result, betting sites invest more in this PSL, which has gained massive recognition in the sub-continent.

PSL has been a massive success since its 1st edition, but the league craze has been increasingly multifold. Although we can't compare PSL to IPL in terms of scale or revenue, it has been gaining multi-fold for the investment it puts forth.

Betting sites in India invest a lot in these match odds; PSL has a massive craze in the Indian betting market too. So the trend might be higher in India for PSL than in other countries, even Pakistan. Currently, PSL has six teams, and the PCB is looking to increase it to 8 and make it more like IPL.

PSL betting tips can also be found on a particular page, and we have PSL match predictions daily during the season. All these leagues cover the whole calendar year, which is an excellent sign for the year-long cricket betting activity.

BBL betting

Big Bash League has been gaining immense popularity season by season; it has to be one of the most colourful events. After IPL, BBL has so much of prime stars from International Cricket.

The scale is also next to the IPL; if Indian players join anytime soon in that league, it will be similar to the IPL in terms of craze. Indian bettors follow this 2-season tournament pretty closely, although there is a problem with the time zone. Still, BBL has got a massive trend among Indian bettors too.

The massive craze among Indian bettors is the impact of Australian cricketers in the IPL. This is because many IPL teams depend highly on Australian players; the scout constantly looks for fresh talents. Also, the betting sites in India bring some exclusive promotional offers for BBL time.

Conclusion on Cricket betting sites

Cricket betting sites are the most followed sites in India; the craze for this billion-viewer game is immense. Cricket is the most followed sport in India and the sub-continent too. To be a top cricket betting site, one has to offer promotional offers, betting odds, and different payment methods.

New betting sites have been giving tough competition to the most significant sites recently. This is because not only IPL but there are many cricket events. For example, there are the Ranji trophy, Duleep trophy, and Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy.

Betting sites are also very interested in local cricket events; if betting is legal, there will be massive cooperation with local events, IPL sponsorships, etc. So we hope the legal regulations change soon, which will make a lot of difference in the Cricket and betting partnerships.