Dafabet vs Bet365. Which is the Best?


Indians now have access to some of the best online betting sites in the world. Betting itself is not legal in India but there is no law against online betting sites especially when their base is in counties where betting is legal. Two sites which we absolutely love are Dafabet and Bet365. Both of them offer a world-class experience to their customers but which one should you choose. Dafabet vs Bet365. Which is the best? that is the question we are going to answer now.

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Dafabet vs Bet365. Which is the best?

Let us first make one thing clear: There is no wrong choice when it comes to these sites. If, however, we are going to rank one above the other, it has to be Bet365.

Take a look at some of these reasons:

  • Both sites are massive global names but there is nothing bigger than Bet365
  • The casino section that Bet365 offers is a lot better than what Dafabet has
  • For customers in India, Bet365 is a lot better than Dafabet because of the ease of banking. There are more options to deposit money and for withdrawal as well.
  • There is no question about the safety of both the website but bigger is better in this business. Once again, the sheer size of Bet365 helps it get the edge in a head to head comparison.

These are pretty small things when you look at them in isolation. There is no major shortcoming of either website that we can point out. It is a matter of taste and also where you live. Dafabet may offer you better odds on some games than Bet365 and so you ideally want to have an account at both.

Also, competition between the two websites is going to benefit you directly. There is no wrong choice here.


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