Do Bet365 Close Winning Accounts?

Bet365 has been around for 20 years. That is a huge amount of time in any business but especially so in the betting world. Betting companies can close down in a matter of months and often do. Bet365 India, however, has been around for long enough to trust as a player.

Not only is it safe but it also follows fair gambling practices. One charge that often comes up is that Bet365 stops winning bettors. So do Bet365 close winning accounts? Here is the truth.

Do Bet365 close winning accounts?

There is absolutely no proof that Bet365 closes the accounts of people that win at betting. People allege that Bet365 has a secret algorithm that helps them pinpoint winning accounts and then close them.

Bet365 comes under the UK gambling laws. These are very strict about the manner in which betting companies deal with their customers. Bet365 is now a public company with investors that would react very badly to any sort of scandal.

Simply put, it is just not in the interest of Bet365 to be doing anything that could harm its reputation.

Does Bet365 limit certain accounts?

You would have seen screenshots of emails from Bet365 on the internet telling customers that their accounts now have certain restrictions. That is true but not the entire story.

Bet365 promotes something called as ‘Responsible Gambling’. If it feels that the amounts being bet are going above a safe limit, the algorithm will step in to limit your account.

The idea behind this is to try and protect the customer from developing a gambling habit. Also, Bet365 does not want people using funds from illegal sources on its website. Regular bets of very large amounts attract attention and so they come under the scanner.

In conclusion, we have seen nothing that suggests Bet365 is closing winning accounts.