Does Casumo offer any loyalty program?

Does Casumo offer any loyalty program?

Casumo is a well known online gaming website, based in Malta, and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. It also holds gaming licenses in countries like the UK, and Denmark. Just like most other gaming websites, Casumo offers great promotions for its new as well as existing players. Does Casumo offer any loyalty program?

Yes, it does and it is one of the more interesting ones that we have come across.

Does Casumo offer any loyalty program?

Casumo offers an `adventureĀ“ that begins right from the moment you create an account, and your very own `CasumoĀ“ is born. These newborn Casumos have a rope attached around their waist, representing the beginnerā€™s level.


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How to register at Casumo Sports?
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As you start making deposits and playing games, the Casumo begins itā€™s `adventureĀ“. As you keep winning, in addition to the prize money, you will also receive `experienceĀ“, which will be shown on a progress bar in your account. This bar shows the `levelĀ“ at which you currently are, and how much progress you need to make to reach the next level.

Each time you reach a new level, you will be rewarded with `valuablesĀ“, which could be anything, ranging from free cash, deposit bonuses, free spins at the slots, or some other promotions. As you reach higher levels, the value of these `valuablesĀ“ will also increase.

The levels are indicated by `beltsĀ“ around the waist of your Casumo. As mentioned earlier, a newborn Casumo will have a rope around their waist, which will soon turn into a `white beltĀ“ as you gain experience. As you progress further, the color of your belt keeps changing with each level. The ultimate goal of each player is to reach the `black beltĀ“, which signifies respect and power within the community.

Also, the higher-ranked belt you have, the better are the promotions that you receive during the weekly campaigns.

Players can also receive `trophiesĀ“ for a great run at the casino, which holds no value, but gives them bragging rights within the Casumo community.