Does Dafabet Have an Android App?

Dafabet is a leader in the betting world. It is the first real Asian online betting site that has made a global name for itself and so it is no surprise that it offers an excellent mobile experience as well. Does Dafabet have an Android app? For the longest time, Dafabet was using the mobile web instead of mobile apps but the offocial apps are available now.

Does Dafabet have an Android app?

Yes, it does. The app is not going to be available in the Google Play Store, however, as there are no betting apps currently in the listings. To download the app you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Dafabet website from your mobile browser
  2. There are links to the iOS and Android mobile apps right on the homepage
  3. Click on the Android app
  4. You will need to download the APK file and install it your phone
  5. Make sure you go to the settings and allow app installation from external sources
  6. Ignore all the security warnings as that is standard for external apps
  7. You will have the Dafabet app on your android phone in no time

How good is the Dafabet Android app? 

We love the app because it is fast and very stable. Those are the two main things that we look for but the rest of the features are pretty good as well. You can quickly switch from sports, follow the live scores, and navigate around the app withotu missing a beat.

In addition, the security of the app is top-notch and you do not have to worry about anyone using your account in an unintended manner.

If you find downloading the app difficult like a lot of people do, just use the mobile website. Dafabet makes sure that the difference in experience is very similar.