Does Dream11 Cheat?

Dream11 is technically still a start up but it is already valued well over a billion dollars and it is the first legitimate gaming giant in the country. Dream11 is massively popular as it allows people to play with very small sums of money while the lure of massive winnings is the trap. We personally do not think fantasy based games like Dream11 are a good idea. The chances of winning are far too less for the risk that you are taking. Does dream11 cheat? Now that is a different question altogether.

Let us examine that in more detail.

Does dream11 cheat?

One of the common refrains against Dream11 is that there are a number of ways in which the company manipulated its contests and prevents people from winning. Allegation of bots which are picking computer simulated teams, changing of teams after the match has begun, improper point allocation, and more abound against Dream11.

We don't think these are true, to be honest.

Dream11 offers a number of methods by which you can check the points throughout the match, download the locked teams after the first ball so that there can be no changes, and more.

Yes, we do not like the odds of winning but that is a different thing. Does dream11 cheat? We don't think so. It is impossible to say what might have been going on when the platform was young but now it appears to be on the right side of the ethical boundaries.

Fans of Dream11 and other fantasy games should realize that they are basically on a betting platform but unable to get the best odds on offer. There are world-class online casinos in India that will offer you a much better chance of winning and the possibility of winning massive sums of money.

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