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Does My Football Bet Include Extra Time Penalties?

Football matches can be very exciting on most occasions and that includes a goalless draw as well. Fans love to see goals and while the true fans of football understand that a draw is as much a result as a win or a loss, that does not quite cut it in big tournaments like the FIFA World Cup. This is where the extra time penalties come into the picture. Does my football bet include extra time penalties?

This is a very common question that we get and one that we will be happy to answer for you. Read on.

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Does my football bet include extra time penalties?

Every football bet is different and may have some different terms and conditions attached to it. This is also true for different bookmakers which may follow some different rules. However, in general, any action that takes place during the extra time is not considered to count towards the bet.

A football bet is settled at the end of 90 minutes and any stoppage time that is added on by the referee. Once the final whistle blows, your bet is settled. Anything that happens afterward including extra time play or the penalties which are hit does not matter to the bettor. 

Does my football bet include extra time penalties? The answer to this question would appear to be no in the overwhelming majority of the cases. That being said, we would advise you to always check the terms and conditions of the specific bet that you are placing.

There may be some small cases where the action after the 90 minutes may be included. Also, it is obvious that any bet that is specifically about the extra time will obviously include any penalties scored or missed. 

Bookmakers like Bet365, betway, and 1xbet are excellent at making their fine print crystal clear to the customers but that is not always true for all bookmakers.