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Five Best Bowling Figures in The Ashes

Test cricket is the finest form of format among all the formats of the game and it really tests the talent and patients of a player on the field. Maintaining the same level of motivation on the field for 5 days is something very less players can do.

The red-ball format is known for its strategic nature where players focus on building long innings while maintaining a calm and composed attitude. 

The longer innings allow the captains of both teams to analyze the situation and make a positive decision.

It is always difficult to maintain the same pace of the game because of the changing pitch and the ball getting old and losing its shine.

Ballers play a crucial role on both sides. Bowling 90 overs on one single day while not allowing the opposition to build a string inning is not an easy task. The cricket betting sites have The Ashes odds on their platform. 

As the new season of the Ashes comes closer, we have compiled a list of five best bowling figures in the Ashes.

5) Frank Laver: 8/31

The Ashes have a rich history and that is due to the talented players who played the series during the early days. The left-handed pacer, Frank Laver was one of them who always stood up whenever the Australian cricket team needed him.

His best bowling figures in the Ashes came in 1909 when the Australian squad was sent back to the pavilion at a score of 147. Laver saved the day again for his team and picked up 8 wickets by giving away 31 runs.

Frank Laver played 15 Tests overall and picked up 37 wickets at an average of 26.05.

4) Stuart Broad: 8/15

One of the best English pacers of his generation, Stuart Broad made headlines in 2015 the Ashes series by picking up 8 wickets by giving away just 15 runs at Nottingham.

Broad bowled a mixture of deliveries, including inswingers, outswingers, cutters, and slower balls, and kept surprising the Australian batters.

Overall, he picked up 9 wickets by giving just 51 runs in the whole fixture and helped England to score a win against Australia in the fourth Test.

3) Arthur Mailey: 9/121

Arthur Mailey was a leg-spin bowler known for his unorthodox and deceptive style of bowling. He played 21 Test matches for the Australian national team between 1921 and 1926, making a significant impact with his unique spin bowling technique.

His best bowling fixtures came at Melbourne in 1921 when the Australian squad completely whitewashed England and won the series by 5-0. Mailey picked up 4/121 in the first innings and in the second he added 9 wickets to his name.

Mailey had a distinctive and unusual action, which involved a high-arm delivery and a pronounced leap during his delivery stride and this is what made him one of the best spinners of that era.

2) James Laker: 9/37

During the 1956 Ashes series, the English spin legend, James Laker made headlines with his disciplined right-arm spin attack.

Overall, the English squad was in good form at Manchester and they reached the score of 458. Laker played the icing on the cake and completely rattled the Australian batters.

He picked up 9 wickets by giving away just 37 wickets and helped England to achieve a comfortable lead.

1) James Laker: 10/53

Yes, James Laker comes twice in the list as he also picked up ten wickets in the same match at Manchester. In the second inning, Laker unleashed his aggressive approach and achieved a fleet of 10-wicket haul and gave away just 53 runs.

Australian batters were stunned and couldn't handle the attack made by Laker in the second inning. In the end, England won by 170 runs and they also won the series by 2-1.

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