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Five Cricket Controversies in 2023

Cricket, often considered a gentleman's game, has not been immune to controversies that have stirred the sporting world. From on-field disputes to off-field scandals, the sport has witnessed its share of heated moments.

Controversies range from ball-tampering scandals, match-fixing allegations, and player disciplinary issues, creating ripples in the cricketing community. Iconic players have faced scrutiny, impacting their legacies and the integrity of the game.

The Decision Review System (DRS) has sparked debates over umpire decisions, adding a technological layer to the controversies. Officiating errors, contentious dismissals, and disputes over playing conditions have fueled discussions among fans and experts alike.

While controversies may cast shadows, they also prompt the cricketing fraternity to introspect, implement reforms, and uphold the spirit of fair play, ensuring that the game continues to evolve with integrity and transparency. Cricket betting sites have a wide range of betting markets with them.

In this article, we give you a list of 5 controversies that took place in the year 2023. These controversies were not just headlines; they were moments that challenged the spirit of the game, questioned authority, and sparked conversations about transparency, fair play, and the ever-changing landscape of cricket.

As we move on to 2024, one thing is for sure – cricket's journey promises to be as thrilling and unpredictable as ever, complete with its fair share of drama and controversies to keep us enthralled.

1) Mathews Timed-Out: A First in 146 Years

It was the India vs Sri Lanka clash in the Super 8s of the ICC World Cup. Angelo Mathews, Sri Lanka's veteran batsman, reached the crease with the team struggling at 143/5. But fate had other plans. He took 2 and 11 seconds to take his position after the previous wicket, exceeding the ICC's 2-minute limit.

Umpire Marais Erasmus declared him “timed out,” a bizarre first in international cricket history. Mathews' disbelief, Sri Lanka's frustration, and the ensuing social media storm made this a controversy for the ages.

2) Wide Not Called, Kohli Fumes

India vs Bangladesh, another World Cup game, another controversy in the making. Virat Kohli, batting on 97, needed just three runs for his 48th ODI century and India needed two to win.

Then came the infamous delivery – a ball from Nasum Ahmed that seemed miles wide. Umpire Marais Erasmus, however, didn't budge. Kohli's fury, the on-field heated exchange, and the debate about whether Nasum deliberately bowled wide made this one a heated controversy, sparking discussions about umpiring decisions and sportsmanship.

3) Kapil Dev Snubbed from World Cup Final: Legends Left Out?

The ICC World Cup final – a momentous occasion, yet India's legendary captain, Kapil Dev, was reportedly “not invited” to attend. Fans and critics were aghast. Had the BCCI forgotten their past heroes? Kapil's statement about wanting the 1983 WC-winning team present added fuel to the fire.

This lack of respect for former cricketers and the omission of history from such a grand event left a bitter taste in many mouths.

4) Babar Azam's Leaked Chat

Midway through the World Cup, a bombshell exploded – a leaked WhatsApp chat allegedly between Babar Azam, the Pakistan captain, and PCB COO Salman Naseer.

The chat hinted at unpaid salaries, lack of communication between players and the board, and even doubts about Babar's captaincy. This ignited a media frenzy, questioning the PCB's management and highlighting the internal turmoil within the team.

The controversy cast a shadow over Pakistan's World Cup campaign and fueled speculations about Babar's future as captain.

5) Sri Lanka Sacks Entire Cricket Board

Disheartened by Sri Lanka's humiliating defeat against India in the World Cup, fans demanded accountability. What ensued was unprecedented – the Sri Lankan Cricket Board, from president to selectors, got sacked!

While shocking, this drastic action showcased a nation's frustration and desperation for change. It also forced other cricket boards to take notice, highlighting the importance of performance and fan satisfaction.

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