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Five Indian Cricketers With Most Instagram Followers

In today's digital age, social media has become an integral part of a cricketer's persona. It's not just about performances on the field; a significant part of a player's popularity is measured by their presence on social media platforms. 

Instagram, with its visual appeal and wide user base, has become a hotspot for cricketers to engage with their fans. Let's take a closer look at the top 5 Indian cricketers with the most Instagram followers. The top bookmakers have amazing cricket odds with them.

1) Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli)

With over 250 million followers, Virat Kohli stands at the top of the list of Indian cricketers with the most Instagram followers. Kohli is not just a cricketing icon; he's a global sports personality.

His Instagram feed is a mix of cricketing moments, fitness routines, and glimpses of his personal life with his wife Anushka Sharma. Kohli's popularity transcends borders, and he uses his platform to connect with fans, endorse brands, and share snippets of his life off the field.

His posts often inspire fitness enthusiasts, and his candid moments with his daughter, Vamika, melt hearts worldwide. Kohli's engaging content and charismatic presence make him the undisputed king of Instagram among Indian cricketers.

2) Rohit Sharma (@rohitsharma45)

Rohit Sharma, the ‘Hitman' of Indian cricket, is not just a run-scoring machine; he's also a social media sensation.

With over 30 million followers, Rohit has a massive Instagram following. His feed is a visual delight, offering a blend of cricketing glory, behind-the-scenes moments, and glimpses into his personal life.

Rohit often shares pictures of his daughter, Samaira, and his wife, Ritika Sajdeh, giving fans an intimate look into his life beyond the cricket field. His relaxed and cheerful demeanour on Instagram resonates with followers, making him one of the most loved cricketers on the platform.

3) Sachin Tendulkar (@sachintendulkar)

Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing legend, enjoys immense popularity on Instagram with over 43 million followers. While he may not have the highest follower count among Indian cricketers, his impact on the world of cricket is immeasurable.

Tendulkar's Instagram showcases a blend of cricketing memories, inspirational posts, and glimpses of his post-retirement life. He uses the platform to engage with fans, share his passion for sports, and promote various causes.

Tendulkar's enduring appeal and iconic status in the cricketing world continue to make him a revered figure on Instagram, where his posts are eagerly awaited by millions of cricket enthusiasts.

4) Hardik Pandya (@hardikpandya93)

Hardik Pandya, the dynamic all-rounder, has over 27 million Instagram followers. His profile is a blend of cricket highlights, fitness routines, and a glimpse into his extravagant lifestyle.

Pandya's style and swagger off the field resonate with a younger audience, making him a social media sensation.

The cricketer often shares moments from his glamorous life, including pictures with his partner, Natasa Stankovic, and their son, Agastya. He also uses his platform to endorse various brands and engage with fans, adding to his appeal on Instagram.

5) MS Dhoni (@mahi7781)

MS Dhoni boasts an impressive following on Instagram, with over 45 million devoted followers. His enigmatic and calm demeanour on the field translates well into his social media presence.

Dhoni's Instagram offers a glimpse into his life beyond cricket, featuring moments with his family, motorcycles, and his love for adventure. Despite stepping away from international cricket, he continues to be a beloved figure among fans.

His posts, often characterized by brevity and understated charm, receive massive engagement, proving that Dhoni's legacy transcends his cricketing career and extends to his significant presence on Instagram.

Mostly Dhoni stays away from social media but time and again we see his life updates on Instagram.

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