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Five Players with Best Batting Average in 2023

The batting average is a fundamental statistic in ODI cricket, offering invaluable insights into a player's performance and contribution to the team. This metric reflects the average number of runs a batsman scores before getting dismissed, and its significance in ODI cricket cannot be overstated. 

The batting average serves as a reliable indicator of a player's consistency and reliability at the crease. A high batting average suggests that a batsman consistently contributes runs to the team, while a lower average may indicate a more sporadic or unreliable performance. 

Consistency is key in ODI cricket, where the team's success often hinges on partnerships and steady run accumulation. As the ODI World Cup comes closer, here is a list of 5 batters with the best batting average in ODI cricket in 2023. The top bookmakers in India have batsman-batsman-related betting markets with them.

Temba Bavuma – South Africa – 106.80

Temba Bavuma possesses a distinctive and elegant batting style that sets him apart on the international stage. A right-handed batsman, Bavuma is known for his compact technique and graceful strokeplay. Bavuma's batting style is characterized by his impeccable footwork and a high level of concentration.

He displays an excellent balance between attack and defence, making him a versatile batsman in all formats of the game. In the 2023 season of ODI cricket, Bavuma has played 8 ODIs and has scored 53 runs at an average of 106.80 with a strike rate of 105.11.

Iftikhar Ahmed – Pakistan – 92.66

Pakistan has emerged as one of the most dominating teams in the ODI format in 2023. This has been possible because of the strong batting lineup and the presence of Iftikhar Ahmed on the team.

Iftikhar has played 7 ODI matches and at an average of 92.66, he has scored 278 runs at a strike rate of 120.86. Iftikhar is recognized for his ability to contribute with both bat and ball, adding depth to Pakistan's cricket squad.

Sean Colin Williams – Zimbabwe – 90

Sean Colin Williams is a proficient player of both pace and spin and he has displayed excellent footwork and balance at the crease. His ability to rotate strikes and find gaps in the field showcased his cricketing intelligence.

Additionally, he is known for his proficiency in playing the sweep shot against spinners, a testament to his adaptability. Zimbabwe has been part of 9 ODIs in 2023, and Sean Colin Williams has scored 720 runs at an average of 90 and a strike rate of 129.26.

Jos Buttler – England – 74

Jos Buttler possesses a dynamic and exhilarating batting style that has enthralled fans worldwide. A right-handed batsman, Buttler is celebrated for his explosive strokeplay and audacious innovation. Buttler's batting is characterized by his remarkable ability to accelerate the scoring at will. He seamlessly combines orthodox shots with unorthodox, often improvising to outfox the bowlers.

His wide range of shots, including the scoop and ramp, make him a force to be reckoned with in limited-overs cricket. Buttler has struggled in ODI cricket in the 2023 season and his average stands at 74 in 7 ODIs. However, it is expected that Buttler will bounce back soon and will make a huge impact in the ODI World Cup.

Mitchell Marsh – Australia – 70.33

Mitchell Marsh is known for his powerful strokeplay and ability to counterattack under pressure. One of Marsh's signature shots is his lofted drives and powerful pulls, which often result in boundaries.

He relishes taking on bowlers and can shift gears rapidly to accelerate the run rate. In 2023, he has been part of 5 ODIs has displayed an average of 70.33, and has scored a total of 211 runs at a strike rate of 129.44.

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