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Five Unbelievable Revenge Moments in Indian Cricket

Competition in international cricket has evolved over the years, transforming the sport into a thrilling and fiercely contested global spectacle.

This fierce rivalry has not only heightened the entertainment quotient but has also significantly raised the standard of the game. One of the driving forces behind the intense competition in international cricket is the globalization of the sport. The top bookmakers in India have cricket odds with them.

Cricket, once confined to a handful of nations, has now spread its wings to include several teams from across the world. This expansion has given rise to a greater diversity of playing styles, strategies, and talents, making every match a unique contest.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 revenge moments that took place in Indian cricket.

1) India v Australia at Wankhede – 2007

The iconic cricketing clash between Zaheer Khan and Brett Lee at the Wankhede Stadium in 2007 remains etched in the annals of cricket history as one of the most exhilarating and closely contested battles between two world-class fast bowlers.

Brett Lee, the Australian fast-bowling legend known for his fierce pace, engaged in a sledging exchange with Zaheer Khan, the Indian pace spearhead. Lee's aggressive and vocal approach on the field was a part of his strategy to intimidate Zaheer but replied with his bat and hit a huge six on Lee’s ball.

This was a pure example of class revenge on the field by an Indian cricketer.

2) South Africa v India at Johannesburg – 2006

The sledging incident involving Andre Nel and S. Sreesanth during the 2006 Test match in Johannesburg is one of the most infamous and controversial episodes in the history of cricket.

It showcased the fiery nature of on-field exchanges and the emotions that can boil over in the heat of competition. Nel, who was known for his ferocious bowling, bowled a bouncer to Sreesanth and said some words to the batsman.

However, on the next ball, Sreesanth replied with a six and danced in front of Andre Nel.

3) England v India at Durban – 2007

Yuvraj Singh's iconic feat of hitting six consecutive sixes in a T20 World Cup match in 2007 is etched in cricketing folklore as one of the most breathtaking displays of power-hitting and sheer audacity in the history of the sport.

It all began when Yuvraj faced England's Andrew Flintoff during the group stage match. Flintoff, a feisty competitor himself, said a few words to Yuvraj, trying to unsettle him. In response, Yuvraj, known for his grit, decided to let his batting do the talking.

The next over, Yuvraj faced Stuart Broad, and what transpired was pure cricketing magic. Yuvraj unleashed a stunning assault on Broad, smashing six consecutive sixes.

4) India v England – Wankhede/Lords – 2002

Sourav Ganguly's iconic moment of taking off his jersey at Lord's during the NatWest Series final against England in 2002 is etched in the history of Indian cricket as an act of sheer passion and a symbol of defiance.

The match had reached a thrilling climax, with India chasing a formidable target. This act was more than just a celebration; it was a statement. It signified India's victory on one of cricket's grandest stages – Lord's Cricket Ground – and showcased Ganguly's fearless leadership.

It was also a response to detractors who had criticized his team's on-field behaviour earlier in the series.

5) India vs Pakistan at Bengaluru – 1996

The Aamir Sohail vs. Venkatesh Prasad encounter during the 1996 Cricket World Cup is etched in cricketing history as a dramatic and intense moment that captured the essence of competition and sportsmanship on the field.

In a moment of exuberance, after hitting Prasad for a boundary, Sohail gestured towards the boundary, seemingly indicating that he had conquered the bowler. However, the very next ball saw his stumps shattered by Prasad's delivery, a perfect example of poetic justice in cricket.

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