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Five Youngsters to Watch out in ODI World Cup 2023

The ODI World Cup is the pinnacle of cricketing excellence, where nations from around the world compete for supremacy. While seasoned veterans play a crucial role in any team's success, the inclusion of young, talented players is equally vital. 

Young players bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the squad. Their passion and hunger to prove themselves on the world stage can be a game-changer, injecting a new level of dynamism into the team's performance.

Youth often translates to agility and athleticism, which are essential in modern ODI cricket. Younger players are more likely to cover ground swiftly in the field, make sharp throws, and dive for crucial catches, which can turn the tide of a match. 

As the ODI World Cup 2023 is about to go on the floor, here is a list of 5 youngsters who will be in the spotlight during the tournament. The top bookmakers in India have amazing odds for the World Cup. 

1) Cameron Green – Australia

Cameron Green's emergence as a prominent figure in the Australian cricket team has brought immense significance to the squad. His dynamic abilities as an all-rounder make him a precious asset. Green's towering presence with both bat and ball provides balance and versatility, filling the void left by legends like Shane Watson and Jacques Kallis. 

His prodigious talent showcases Australia's cricketing future, ensuring a smooth transition from the old guard to the new. Overall, Green has been part of 16 ODIs as of now and he has scored 302 runs at an average of 50.3 and a strike rate of 88.3. He has also contributed with 12 wickets in these 16 ODIs.

2) Naseem Shah – Pakistan

Naseem Shah's presence in the Pakistan cricket team is nothing short of a revelation. At a tender age, he has already established himself as a formidable fast bowler, exuding raw talent and promise. His ability to generate pace and extract movement from the pitch has made him a vital asset in all formats of the game. 

Naseem Shah's remarkable breakthroughs have often turned the tide of matches in Pakistan's favour, providing the team with a lethal strike bowler. Overall, he has been part of 13 ODIs for Pakistan and has picked up 32 wickets at an economy of 4.60.

3) Shubman Gill – India

Shubman Gill has emerged as a beacon of hope for the Indian cricket team. His remarkable batting skills and composure at the crease have established him as a crucial asset in the team's lineup. 

Gill's ability to handle pace and spin with elegance and his penchant for constructing solid innings makes him a reliable opener in all formats. As a dependable opener, Gill has scored 1514 runs in 29 ODIs at an average of 63.1 and a strike rate of 102.6.

4) Gus Atkinson – England

Gus Atkinson's emergence has brought renewed vigour to the England cricket team. As a promising fast bowler and a gritty lower-order batsman, he adds depth to the squad. Atkinson's ability to generate pace and take crucial wickets in different formats makes him a valuable asset. 

His contributions in both domestic and international matches have shown his potential to be a match-winner. He is new to the team and has just played 2 ODIs but it is expected that he will be a major force for England and will get more chances to play in the ODI World Cup.

5) Gerald Coetzee – South Africa

Gerald Coetzee is a young right-arm fast bowler who has been making waves in South African cricket. He made his international debut in 2023 and has already shown great promise, taking 7 wickets in his first 3 ODIs. Coetzee is a tall and athletic bowler who generates pace and bounce from his bowling.

He is also a very accurate bowler, which makes him a difficult proposition for batsmen to face. He is seen as one of the future stars of South African cricket and will be an impactful player for the Proteas squad.

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Aditya Dara

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