Has Anyone Really Won in Dream11?

Dream11 is one of the first fantasy-based apps that has got approval for functioning in India. It has been regarded as a game of skill, but we all know that it is basically treading a very fine line to distinguish itself from gambling while being the exact same thing! There is some mistrust around Dream11. People believe that it uses bots, changes teams, and does other underhanded things to keep people from winning. Has anyone really won in dream11? Let us answer this question for you definitively.

Has anyone really won in dream11?

Yes, there are people that win Dream11 contests every single day. There is no doubt about that. If you thought that Dream11 was a scam then you are wrong. This is a legitimate app that is closely observed by the government. Most importantly, Dream11 does not have a financial motive to cheat. Why would it risk its reputation and place as the market leader in the market when it is already earning money hand over fist?

It just does not make sense.

As a rule, Dream11 does not share the details of its winners but there are some well-known examples. KM Rasiq won over 1Crore in a Dream11 contest. he is from a humble family in the town of Kannur and there is no doubt about his veracity.

There are countless such examples of people winning lakhs and lakhs of money every single day.

of course, people ask questions such as ‘Has anyone really won in dream11?' when they lose continuously or are frustrated at winning small amounts even though their team has done well. That is the nature of fantasy-gaming, and why we suggest people look at websites like Casumo, ComeOn, Parimatch, and 1xBet. These are online casinos where you get better odds, better prizes, and have a better chance of winning.

Check it out yourself!