How Are Cricket Betting Rates Calculated?

Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world but no country in the world has a passion for this sport like India does. In fact, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh (South East Asia) form about 90% of the cricket-loving public around the world. It is understandable then that the majority of cricket betting around the world is also carried out from this region. While most of the money exchanges hands in the illegal gray market, people are getting smarter and finding the best cricket betting rates at reputable online bookmakers. How are cricket betting rates calculated?

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How are cricket betting rates calculated?

Cricket betting rates are nothing but a statistical representation of the probability of a certain event happening or not. There are advanced algorithms that are used by the bookmakers to come at these statistics and they are proprietary, not shared by anyone.

What all the bookmakers do is to add a margin of around 20% on all the results. This is what the bookmakers earn in the end as the belief is that people that bet for and against a certain event will largely cancel each other out. There are some errors that creep into the best of algorithms or when the knowledge about a certain player or the conditions in which a match is being played is insufficient.

This is what the punters wait for as they can maximize their earnings by going big.

How are cricket betting rates calculated? A number of factors such as recent form, history of results at the venue, match-ups, and more are taken into account while arriving at the rate being offered. We advise having more than one betting account so that you are able to find the best rate every single time.

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