How Can I Buy Tambola Tickets Online?

How can I buy Tambola tickets online?

Tambola has gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown as people tried to find ways to pass the time and connect with each other. How can I buy Tambola tickets online? It is actually not as straightforward as you would assume it to be. This is because Tambola is considered to be a gambling game under the law and so Indian websites or apps cannot offer this game to you.

How can I buy Tambola tickets online?

The answer lies in playing at websites that are not registered in India. Since online gambling is technically not illegal in India (the world online gambling or online casino is not mentioned in the law at all), there are a number of online casino websites that accept Indian players. We think 10cric is a good option for anyone that is looking to play tambola online.

10cric is a safe, trustworthy, and properly licensed website that is designed exclusively for Indians. However, this website is not registered in India and so does not come under its jurisdiction. This is why it can offer tambola tickets and other casino games to its customers.

How can I buy Tambola tickets online? Just make an account with 10cric and start playing.

The prizes on offer can range from a few thousand to even multiple lakhs of rupees. The games are played online and so the numbers are picked out by a computer algorithm. To ensure that there is no fixing or manipulation, 10cric uses a Random Number Generator that is encrypted and cannot be tampered with by anyone.

We think you should check out 10cric for yourself and see how easy it is to start playing tambola online. Who knows, you may even end up winning a generous sum of money as well! Good luck to you!

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