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How Can I Get Faster Cricket Score Than TV?

In today’s life, speed is everything. We need everything instantly, and the same thing is applicable to cricket scores. While we do watch matches live on TV, How can I get faster cricket score than TV?

The answer to this question can be quite lucrative if you are someone who bets on cricket.

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How can I get faster cricket score than TV?

There are many cricket scoring apps that give you ball by ball updates, and in many cases are faster than what you see on live TV. Some of the most popular apps include Cricbuzz, Cricstar, and Cricket fast.

How do apps give faster score updates than TV?

Usually, during the live broadcast of a cricket match, there is a lag of about 15-20 seconds between what is actually going on in the middle of the ground, and what you can see on your TV sets. This is because of the time for the signals to reach your DTH antenna. However, in many cases, cricket scores on an app are usually updated by a person who is present in the stadium and uploads the score as live-action happens on the ground.

Why are faster updates important?

For those who are into live betting on cricket matches, these fast updates can provide an edge. Today, it is possible to bet on the outcome of each and every delivery of a cricket match, especially in the shortest format of T20, be it the runs scored of it, or a wicket and mode of dismissal. The lag of a few seconds in a live broadcast and quick updates on an online score app can help a punter place a winning bet, or miss the odds as they change with each delivery.


Cricket apps like cricbuzz are a reliable and quick way of keeping yourself updated with the scores, especially if you are on the move. They also provide detailed analysis before and after every match, something a passionate cricket fan will definitely enjoy reading.

How can I get faster cricket score than TV? Well, now you know!