How Can I Legally Bet in India?

How can I legally bet in India? Betting and gambling in India are illegal, however, there are a few exceptions. If, for example, you want to bet on horse racing then you can do so legally. There is nothing that is going to stop you from betting on horses or get you in trouble. Similarly, you can also bet on rummy without any hesitation. These are considered games of skill and so are not really considered gambling by the courts of India.

What if you want to bet on sports like cricket, though? Is there some way to legally do that as well?

How can I legally bet in India?

If you do want to bet on cricket, football, kabaddi, or even the outcome of political elections, you can. You may have heard about the huge ‘gray market' of betting which exists in India. That is, however, illegal. The online betting market, though, is technically not illegal.

Indian laws do not say anything about placing a bet online, especially if the website is a foreign one that is registered in a country where gambling is legal.

In many ways, that is the same as visiting vegas and betting on casino games. You can do that legally and even get back the winnings. Our view is not a legal one, though, and we obviously would like to see a route that benefits our viewpoint. We advise you to consult a lawyer and get the exact view of the law.

The fact remains that there are hundreds of thousands of people that are betting online every day and making money. There is not one person in this country that has gone to jail for the crime of betting online. The fines that can be levied as per the existing laws are very small too.