How Do Free Bets Make Money?


Free bets are one of the most common promotions and bonuses that online casinos offer their customers. How do free bets make money? That is a valid question and something that can be a bit convoluted. Let us help you understand.

How do free bets make money?

Free bets function exactly like normal bets in the manner that you use them. Choose a bet or game where you can use your free bet promotion and then wait for the result. Now, the differences between a free bets and a normal bet start coming in.

Assuming you win the bet, your return will not include the stake. For example, you bet INR 500 on Manchester United to win against Liverpool at 2:1 odds. Normally, you would have got back INR 1500 (1000 return + 500 stake). For a free bet you will only get back INR 1000.

Not so bad but the money is not immediately available for you to withdraw.

In most cases (not all, however) any money that you win with a free bet is going to come with some wagering restrictions attached. You will have to bet this money between 3x to 30x times before you can withdraw it. Casinos like Casumo or Royal Panda are very good with being clear about the fine print that comes with their free bet.

How do free bets make money? Well, if you are lucky enough to be able to win a free bet that does not come with many wagering restrictions then you can add your winnings to your betting account. otherwise, you have to complete the wagering restrictions and hope that you have some thing to withdraw when it all ends!

Keep in mind that while the online casinos want to attract you to their platform, they are not in the business of giving away money. Have fun!


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