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How Do I Activate My 22bet Account?

It is extremely easy for you to make a new account with 22Bet. You just have to the website, click on ‘Join Now', and fill in your details accurately. You will get your login details instantly and you can start playing. Of course, while you now have an account, it is not fully functional just yet. How do I activate my 22bet account? For that you need to complete your verification process.

Read on.

How do I activate my 22bet account?

To fully activate your account, it is recommended that you verify your account as soon as possible. Remember that while you can make deposits and start playing without verification, you cannot make a withdrawal until this process is complete.

This is why it is very important to always submit accurate details that you can later provide the documentation for. It is also a smart idea to not deposit too much money until this process is complete otherwise you will find yourself in tough spot.

To complete your verification on 22Bet, login to your account and go to the section where you can make changes to your profile. You will find the account verification tab right there.

Click on the tab and upload the documents necessary to verify your identity as well as banking details.

You can use a passport, aadhaar card, credit card bill payment, or even a recent utility bill top verify your identity. If you are using an e-wallet then you will also need to send a screenshot proving that it is in fact your own e-wallet account that is linked with the 22Bet account.

All of this may seem unnecessary but is done to protect you and 22Bet from potential fraud. Every single licensed website is bound to go through with this process. How do I activate my 22bet account? By being accurate and following the steps mentioned above.

Your account will be active within a day.

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