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How Do I Get My Welcome Bonus on my11circle?

One of the biggest draws towards a new online gaming platform, be it online betting or fantasy sports, is a welcome bonus. So does my11circle offer one? Yes, it does! How do I get my welcome bonus on my11circle?

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How do I get my welcome bonus on my11circle?

My11circle gives its new users a welcome bonus of up to ₹1500. In order to claim the bonus, one must first create an account with my11circle. This can either be done by giving you personal details to the platform, or you can log in by using your Facebook or Google accounts.

Once you are registered, you will need to make a deposit in your account, which can be done via various online methods. The bonus is valid on the first deposit that you make, with a maximum of ₹1500 given as a 100% bonus.

The bonus is not deposited as a lump sum in your account but is disbursed in small `chunks´, with each paid contest that you participate in. For example, if you make a first deposit of ₹1000, you are entitled to get a ₹1000 bonus. If you then participate in paid contests worth ₹500, you will receive ₹50 as a bonus in your account, and so on, until you can claim the entire sum of ₹1000.

Other terms and conditions

How do I get my welcome bonus on my11circle? The bonus is available only once to each user. If a user tries to claim the bonus multiple times by creating multiple accounts, the bonuses of all the accounts will be scrapped.

The bonus should be claimed within 30 days of making the first deposit in your account. In case the 30 day period is over before the entire bonus is claimed, the remaining `chunks´ of bonus shall be considered as lapsed, and will not be added to your account.