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How Do You Bet Without Losing?

How do you bet without losing? That is something that everyone is looking for. We all know that online casinos like Betway, Casuno, and 10Cric are not fools. They make millions of dollars a year by ensuring they always come out winners. The old saying that the house always wins is true. It always does. However, bettors are smart too and have found a way that covers their risk every single time.


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How do you bet without losing?

The trick that they follow is called arbitrage betting. It is frowned upon by casinos and can get you banned from their platforms as well if you get caught out. This is something that you need to be aware of before attempting it. Arbitrage is nothing but a price difference in different markets for the same product.

In the world of betting, this means that the same bet is going to be priced in two different ways.

Bettors place a bet on the favorite at one of the big casinos which are known to have good research teams and get their picks mostly right. They then cover that bet with a bat at an exchange like Betfair. Why? At an exchange, you can bet against another bettor rather than a bookmaker and so you can set your own odds.

Set odds that are reasonable enough for you to get an opponent but those that ensure you are in profit either way.

That is it. Now just wait for the result and whatever happens, you are going to end up a winner.

The disadvantage of this method is that you are limiting the amount of money that you win since you also lose every single bet. However, over the long run, this has proved to be a very profitable way of coming out ahead every single time.