How Do You Get Lucky Numbers on Betway?

Betway offers a whole range of options to its online players. It has dedicated apps and sites for sports betting, casino, live casino, bingo, etc. Each website offers a variety of games and markets for players to choose from. One such game on betway is lucky numbers, which has become very popular among players. How do you get lucky numbers on betway?

Read on to find out.

How do you get lucky numbers on betway?

Playing lucky numbers on betway is pretty easy. All you need to do is visit the betway website, or open the app, and log in to your account. Once you sign in, find the lucky numbers tab and click on it. You will now see a list of upcoming draws. Select the draw on which you wish to bet, and your choice of market.

You will now be asked to select your numbers. Once your selection is complete, enter the amount of money that you wish to wager, and click on the `Bet now´ option. Your bet is placed!

What is lucky numbers?

Lucky numbers have become a very popular way of betting on international lotteries in recent times. You can select up to 4 numbers, which you think will be drawn in the lottery that you are betting on. How do you get lucky numbers on betway? The more numbers you get right, the higher are your winnings. You can also bet on the sum of all the numbers drawn, and whether the total will be an even number or odd. Or you can place a bet on whether the bonus ball will be between 1-24, or 26-49.

One of the benefits of betting in lucky numbers is that it is a fixed-odds game so that your winnings are not divided or shared in case other players get it correct too. Also, there is no minimum wagering requirement for withdrawing your winnings.