How Do You Win a Cricket Bet?

As cricket is by far the most popular sport in India, it is no surprise then that cricket matches see the heaviest betting among all other sports in India. Whether it’s a part-timer or a full-time punter. The ultimate goal of everyone who bets on cricket is to make some money. How do you win a cricket bet?

Let’s have a look at a few tips.

How do you win a cricket bet?

There are a few ways in which you can hone your betting skills, and place winning bets on cricket.

Do your research

As with betting on any other sport, a successful bet on a game of cricket requires thorough research. You may sometimes get lucky and win a bet that you placed just on a `hunch´. But in the long run, your luck will definitely run out. Therefore, it is only through proper research on the game, the teams, and the players that you will be able to consistently place winning bets.

Matched Bets

One of the surest ways to score a win on every bet is by placing matched bets using the free bet promotions that you get on various online sportsbooks. You can place a `back´ bet on a certain team using the free bet, and place a `lay´ bet on the same team on a betting exchange using real money. In any case, you will walk out with a win.

Manage your bankroll

Every punter should have a set budget for each match. If you end up losing a few bets, one should not lose heart, and nor should one double down and put more money down the drain in an attempt to recoup your losses. Use the next game to try and balance out your losses.


How do you win a cricket bet? In the world of betting, luck plays an important part, and even the most seasoned bettors win only up to 60% of their bets. One should only get into cricket betting if they can afford to lose some money.