How Does bet365 Calculate Player Performance?

How does bet365 calculate player performance?

One of the popular types of bet on bet365 is player performance. How does bet365 calculate player performance? How can you place bets on them?

Read on for the answer.

How does bet365 calculate player performance?

Bet365 calculates a player’s performance in a way similar to fantasy cricket. For each action on the field, they are awarded points.

  • Each run scored fetches 1 point
  • Each wicket taken gets 20 points
  • Each catch gives a player 10 points
  • Each stumping that a wicketkeeper completes gets them 25 points

How to bet on player performance

To bet on player performance in bet365, you will have to first log in to your account. On the main page, find the `cricket´ tab and open it. You will now be shown a list of upcoming matches and various betting markets. Scroll down to find `Player Performance´.

You will find a list of players you can bet on. Player performance bets are typically `Over/Under' bets, where you have to predict if a player will score more points than the one mentioned or less. The bets are settled once the game concludes.

In a test match series, one can also bet on series player performance, where the runs, wickets, catches and stumping in both the innings and all the matches of a series are considered

Terms and conditions

How does bet365 calculate player performance? In one-day games, both teams need to face at least 40 overs, or the settlement should already have been determined. If these conditions are not met, bets are considered to be void.

In test matches and First-Class games, the whole match is considered, and if the game ends in a draw, at least 200 overs need to have been bowled.

In the case of T20 games, a full schedule of 20 overs must be played, or there should be an official result.

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