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How Does Cricbuzz Earn Money?

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket portals on the internet, providing sports fans with match scores and updates on the go, and that too free. So how do they do that? How does cricbuzz earn money? How can they afford to give free services to fans?

How does cricbuzz earn money?

There are a number of ways in which makes money, the primary source of revenue being advertisements. Google runs monetization programs called AdSense for websites and Admob for mobile applications.

These programs help owners generate revenues by displaying advertisements on their websites as well as mobile applications. The cricbuzz app has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store and therefore has plenty of reach. Their website also gets hundreds of thousands of hits each day.

You might have seen advertisement banners on your screen whenever you open the cricbuzz app or website. Advertisers use the app as well as cricbuzz website to display their products, and with each click, the platform is paid a certain amount for each click on the website. In addition to using Google AdSense and Admob, cricbuzz also accepts direct advertisements from companies, which generates additional revenues.

One more way in which Cricbuzz makes money is by selling scores. It ties up with various websites, telecom companies, and social media platforms to give live scores to its users. Whenever you ask for a score via SMS or see a small widget displaying the score of an ongoing match, it is possible that these scores are updated by cricbuzz.


How does cricbuzz earn money? Effective and innovative advertisement campaigns by cricbuzz have made it a market leader in the form of a cricket portal. Not only many fans rely on it for up-to-date scores of matches, but also for in-depth analysis, and for viewing player profiles and statistics. This has made cricbuzz a favorite among advertisers, helping it generate revenue.

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