How Does Virtual Football Betting Work?

Virtual Football betting has started to grow in popularity and is offered by a number of betting sites such as Betwinner, Betway, Dafabet, and many more. How does virtual football betting work? What exactly is virtual football? Does it have any relation to the real thing?

Let us answer all this and more for your gith here.

How does virtual football betting work?

Virtual football betting is nothing like betting on real football even though the bets are designed in much the same way. We say this because the outcome of a virtual football match is as random as the outcome of a slot machine. It has no relation with any real-life football team, there is no sort of real data that is entered to affect the outcome of the match, the color of the kits, and any resemblance to any team is completely incidental.

You pick the winner by pure luck as decided by a Random Number Generator.

This is why liken virtual football betting to betting on slots rather than traditional sports betting.

How does virtual football betting work? Well, the game is designed to mimic a football game, all in 90 seconds, after which another game will immediately start. You place your bets pre-match, then the computer will show you around a minute of highlights alongside commentary, and then show you the results.

You can bet on the match-winner, O/U on the number of goals, the margin of victory, and the total number of goals in the match. All of these are arrived to completely randomly as well.

Is Virtual football betting fair?

Yes, if the bookmaker is using an RMN to generate the results then there is no manipulation that can take place and the results are fair for everyone. Your football knowledge does not matter when you are betting on virtual football and just your luck does.