How is Cash Out Calculated?

Certain leading online casinos like Bet365 and Betway offer their customers the chance to cash out even before the bet has been settled. This is a powerful tool when used in the right manner as it can help you cut your losses and even book some profits by getting the timing right. How is cash out calculated?

Read on to find out more about the entire process.

How is cash out calculated?

Not all bets that you make are eligible for a cashout. If you are, in fact, eligible for it then you will see an option as ‘cash out' at the bottom of your bet slip. At any point, before the bet is settled, you can press the button to see what is the cash-out value for your bet at that point in time.

How is cash out calculated? That is at the discretion of the bookmaker and it changes as the situation of the match or the contest you have bet on changes.

How should you use cash out?

We recommend using it a bit cautiously since the returns that you get with this feature are much lesser than you would get if you win your bet. The only times that you should use this feature are when you can see early into the piece that you have made a miscalculation and that the contest is not going your way. Rather than losing your entire stake, you can get something back.

Of course, the earlier you make this decision, the more amount of money you will be able to recover.

You can also use a cash-out feature when you are ahead to book some profits. Once again, use this only if you feel that the situation of the game is about to change. You will get a lesser amount than if you win the bet but you are obviously not risking any last-minute changes that can take place.